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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Will My Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring Work Why is tortoise shaped ring not working

Will My Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring Work?
Feng shui Reiki cures are always followed by each one as individual preferences and with open heart. You cannot judge or question, doubt these feng shui cures. If you doubt and you mind wavers it automatically begins a cycle of negative energy force that will counter or hinder the positive outcomes from your feng shui cures.
Amazing results and changes are seen from those who love feng shui and Reiki and have made this a way of life. You can always try using the tortoise shaped finger ring and , then also try it in different hand and fingers, I always go with my personal instincts and not so much on reading or information by others.
why is Tortoise finger ring not working
Choose shapes of your finger rings carefully and those that you are comfortable with.
 Why is tortoise shaped ring feng shui cure not working?
If some people , though very few, find that there are no changes, it is that this cure may not be for you. Always trust the universe, there is always something better for you. It may have carried some negative energy from the shop, the buyers or the gifter.
What to do if your tortoise finger ring feng shui cure is not working or showing any change?
Cleanse it with mild  soapy water and purify it with burning incense and some fresh early morning sunlight. Put positive intentions and again wear it, hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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