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Monday, July 13, 2015

Bed Side Table and symbolism 6 important bedroom side table feng shui tips

Ever thought how your bed side table can influence the feng shui of your life, yes how and where your bed side table is placed will affect your life, marriage, and marital happiness love.
Bed Side tables though began with a concept in interior decor are really very important part of the bedroom furniture.Feng shui of your bedroom is dependent not only by the placement of bed but also with the side tables and objects placed on this. Affecting marital happiness, if you are unable to find the right marriage partner, not feeling comfortable with your spouse, arguments and misunderstandings between partners, one of the spouse feeling low on energy and always inferior, one spouse always dominating and commanding nature, check out this simple yet  important feng shui in your bedroom, side tables.
Some suggestions from my side!
1) It is very important that every bedroom has two side tables on either side of the bed . This provides balanced male/female, yin and yang energy.
2) See that both tables are of same material as each element has a different energy. Wood is peaceful while metal has strength. If one side table is wood and other side is metal , fengshui metal cuts wood,  it will always clash with the other thus affecting relationships between the partners.
3) Side tables of same size. This will provide equal opportunities and love from both partners. And one will not feel thwarted or stifled in the relationship.
4) No pointed edges, see that the side tables in your bedroom have smooth edges so that they do not hurt while walking near them or near the bed. This produce really very strong sharp poison arrows affecting rest and peace.
5) I know each spouse has different tastes and while one has books on their side table near the bed other might have a tab , see that you keep at least a few objects in pairs. Like table lamps, flower vases , artefacts, sculptures etc that are same for both sides.
6) If you are single and wish to attract marital luck, then this is an important Feng Shui cure, put two side tables either side of your bed even if you do not use them, to attract this type of energy and good spouse and soul mate
7) Crystals and gemstones are also good for attracting love, peace and happiness in the bedroom.
Hope this helps!
Feng shui tips for Side Tables Bedroom feng shui
Thank you and All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. Mam I mworking in INDIAN AIR FORCE ... I heard from ur blog about horses... So I bought a wall poster frame of seven white horses... Mam in my house(rented) only south east wall is blank to hang it.. N I hve hanged it there ... Mam is it ok to hang it there?? Opposite to it is my tv...and on the left is the main door ... Mam pls help me ... I need ur valuable suggestions... Waiting eagerly for ur valuable reponse... Pls help me madam

  2. Hello Shashidhar, I have answered your queries by email. All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. Hi!
    I would like to know if there is a specific direction to place the bed. The headboard is against the south wall, the north wall has pictures of my husband and me, to the east is a window and west is a closet and bathroom. Is this right?
    Also what picture can be put above the bed (south wall)?

  4. Hello Anonymous 1) yes there are important good locations for bed positioning in feng shui.2) Then there are also lucky positions for each individual. 3) North wall represents carer growth and travel luck, family photos pull back progress, shift the family photos to south west for harmony and happiness. 4) East window is good allow fresh light energy often, great for health and wealth. 5) West is creativity and children luck, you might feel stifled, confused and also less creative. keep it clean. White grey colors are good. and keep the bathroom door closed when not in use. 6) Above the bed you can have any pictures in pairs. the south sector loves red, golden and orange colors.
    Hope this helps!
    All the Best from Rizwana!

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  6. Hi! Im on a very tight budget, and i cant afford to buy another round table to partner to my only one bed side table on the left side of the bed...isthere any cure in this situation? Besides, my room is very small,theres no enough space for a simple round table...

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Erin, if the table is single you can have a vase with two flowers in it or a sculpture of a couple. Use the wall space, a Pair of birds paintings on wall, that would bring in good relationships energy.
      Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!

    2. Thank you. I'll take note of your advices.

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