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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Yellow Walls are not Considered Good Feng shui Feng shui Selecting Wall Color Tips for Every Room

Colors in any form will create a dramatic effect on our mind and soul. The most largest exposed part in any home are the walls of every room, and color here, used in large areas, will have a prominent effect. Feng shui is all about harmony and balance, as it is also to improve energy and luck. Feng shui color chart includes colors symbolizing the element and can be used in areas to invite positive chi into your home. With certain rules for using color on walls you may follow simple feng shui tips for selecting color for every room and invite peace, harmony and good luck into your home.  
Wall Colors for living room, white and beige best for whole home and this color symbolizes and brings in also stability and peace, growth, color blue is symbolic as if drowning, if used from bottom to top on any room wall. In feng shui it is advisable to use some colors especially red and blue in small quantities in home. Red like fire and makes an impression as if the whole house is burning which is not symbolically good. One can use pink, peach, light rose, harmony creativity balance in homes.
The color yellow has been very often called a cheery sunlight color and preferred by children to enliven the mood. The Solar Plexus chakra, third one represents ego, wisdom and power in Reiki, and an imbalance in this chakra brings about insecurity, fear and stomach related health problems. Yellow is an important color to be exposed to regularly for uplifting energy of this chakra.  But according to certain scientific experiments conducted it has been found that having too much yellow in a room, especially children’s room makes them irritable, restless and cranky. You may have yellow color as highlights in form of accessories, cushions, tables, chairs, paintings in color yellow, sculptures in golden yellow color or even go in for a textured single yellow wall.
Yellow is a beautiful color and brings about feelings of positive energy, excitement and motivation to move ahead but used in large areas makes a person restless and irritable ,especially after a tiring day entering a yellow room will only lower our energy. There is also a symbolic scientific belief that the more you are exposed to a color the more your aura reflect the color, the reason why people choose gemstone jewellery to get more of a certain color, hence it is advisable to have all colors in some form or the other in your home to bring in good luck, peace and harmony.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Select Feng Shui Tea Coffee Designer Mug

Designer mugs, tea cups, milk mugs, green tea cups, Tea coffee milk, as our day begins with a mug every household has designer mugs for each member of the family. While some like funky designer cups to kick start the day with a positive message hand painted, there are some who prefer the plain white ceramic mugs and focus more on the tea and aroma of their health drink.
feng shui plays an important role in beginning of your day. The energy given to kick start your day with whatever drink you have has lots to do with the container used to serve your health drink. Since ages we have used round tea cups and many still prefer this shape for serving hot drinks, our milk mugs are round and we rarely go in for any other shapes, as we experiment with designs and prints.
Most lucky Feng Shui shape Ba Gua Shaped Mug, Original Photo by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
 We have now available many attractive shapes and sizes of coffee and tea mugs. as Chinese prefer round shaped mugs even the mos lucky shape in feng shui Ba Gua shaped, that is any figure having eight sides is found to be the most auspicious in feng shui. The exterior color of your feng shui good luck designer mug may be any, but the inside has to be pure white, this is to get maximum benefit from your health drink.

Eight Sided Coffee Designer Mug Feng Shui luck, original photo by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Square is another shape that also brings about symbolic balance and stability. Though it all depends upon individual preferences and likes as to choosing your tea mugs, as many still prefer to go in for standard round shaped tea coffee mugs, though they do experiment with exterior patterns,  colors and designs.
Begin your day with feng shui energy and maximize the benefit of your health drink, tea, coffee, milk, by choosing the right designer tea mug!.
Thank You!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feng Shui for Higher Sales Online Auction Sites Booming with Sales

Feng shui  for higher sales online, is what all websites are looking for. Online auction sites are booming with sales, from jewellery of diamonds and semi precious gemstones, cosmetics, footwear, clothes, apparel, upholstery, games, toys, hand bags and purses, to the more elaborate electronic goods of latest technology , all are available online from many shopping sites.Why does one site have roaring business and others are idle? let us discuss a few points and tips for online websites feng shui.get your business going with feng shui simple tips and suggestions for your online shopping sites and websites. If you have invested in a good website and still have not seen sales or are facing lowered sales there is an imbalance in the feng shui of your website which when balanced would start showing you positive results in terms of sales and money.
First of all try to be less judgemental and view your website as a normal person who has stopped for buying from your online  auction website. Is your site user friendly, by this I mean does the page open quickly without having to take minutes to load all the contents of your web page.Here the feng shui energy is slow and thus as for any business to run smoothly and roaring you need more yang energy. This does not mean that you spend a fortune to build a website and even if you spend a large amount and make a fancy decorative website this will not in any way assure you higher sales from your online auction website.
It is important that the products listed for sale or online shopping items are clear, simple information and  precise. Photographs need to be of higher resolution and clearly describe the products listed for sale.
Lots of pop ups and other irrelevant advertisements along with the product description listed for sale will drive away your customers, try to give information about the product as much as is possible in concise manner.
The left side of any web page is very important according to feng shui. As in the home the left side area from the main door is the prosperity wealth corner and the most important part for bringing in money, sales and wealth. Try to keep your online auction sites updated and free from clutter. Try to minimize irrelevant matter from your web page as is possible.
Online auction sites that are having a blast in sales are those that offer cheapest deals and more options. From apparel, to shoes and clothes to online buying of furniture  electronic goods, mobile phones, tabs and lap tops, art and paintings all things are available at online auction sites and you can get cheapest offers and also profit from schemes and club offers of many things together.
So if your online auction site or business website is not showing sales try to check the feng shui of your site. Try to follow simple feng shui cures using color and feng shui element theory. Improve the chi around by changing some aspects of your site, either increase yang energy or balance it, for example a website for apparel can have any back ground colored page, but a website for health care or medicines and pharmaceuticals  would look garish with a red web page and needs a toned down web page which is user friendly.
And finally of course do think about the main important aspect, your products and business, put forthe good quality products and see the sales shooting up!hear the sound of money.
Thank you and All the Best!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Designer Branded Furniture Pieces and Feng Shui Tips for Buying Branded Abstract Design Furniture

Designer Branded Furniture Pieces, look great and as interior decorators are coming up with many creative designs in furniture, the trend today is on contemporary and abstract pieces in furniture. Feng shui the art of placement of furniture and it is all about balance and harmony, this ancient science follows certain principles the five element theory,  which lead to peace and harmony, prosperity.
Feng Shui Tips for Buying Branded Abstract Design Furniture- Consider the element the designer branded furniture piece is made of. Solid wood is always great for any home. Glass as it makes a feeling of increased space, does not fulfill the requirement of stability, but can be balanced with wooden or metal frames in any designer branded furniture piece.
Abstract furniture pieces and designer branded abnormal abstract designs look great but while buying one must consider a few feng shui rules before going in for the buy just for the brand image. While the triangle shaped shelf looks great it may fulfill less utility and use up more precious space in your room.
As also a abstract shaped back rest for your chair though will look a designer piece in your living room but will not give you the desired back support while sitting, and will be unable to fulfill its basic utility purpose.
Another common mistake people do while buying designer branded furniture is that we go in for the brand name and select a sofa set, a bedroom set or a living room combo furniture set, a side table free with any combination, or a centre table free with living room furniture. Such cases the feng shui aspects go hay wire, while you select the main furniture sofa according to your simple knowledge of feng shui rules, the center table may be an abstract patterned small piece which may not fulfill your family's , guests tea time requirements  so this goes waste as it takes up precious pace in your living room but always when you try to sue it and it does not fulfill your requirement it produces a negative energy and this surrounds the furniture pieces the more frequently you  or any family member uses this piece of furniture.
Even in combo offers from branded designer furniture pieces for bedroom sets with side table free, the same case may be, that the tables may not fulfill your requirements and you may fall short of drawers or have more drawers than needed, usually it is the other way round where the free furniture pieces are made of cheaper materials and smaller in size which later in the end are either parted with or find place in the store room and accumulate dust.
While buying designer branded furniture you may ask for other option available or try to negotiate on bargain deals without the extra pieces of furniture. The shop owners would be obliged to help your out if you ask ad you may be happy that you have saved the extra money which would have been wasted over extra pieces of furniture.
For detachable designer furniture pieces see that the fittings are secure and stable. Abstract designer chairs can add a style quotient to your living room and also improve the chi around so go in for single pieces that can add up the style quotient of your home and the rest of furniture can be for family utility purpose. Keeping simple feng shui principles while buying designer branded furniture you can get more out of your branded furniture pieces, in terms of utility and satisfaction.
Thank You!
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Door Knobs Door Handles Attract Feng Shui Wealth Luck

Door Knobs and Door Handles, can be used effectively as feng shui cures to attract wealth into your home. As main door is considered the most important part of your home, doors play an important part in bringing in positive energy, chi into your home. This feng shui energy is used by the family which uplifts health, wealth and prosperity and heals relationships and replenishes the energy lost by going out daily.
Door handles and door knobs come in a variety of materials and designs. Prices for door knobs and handles vary from cheaper plastic ones to the costly crystal or golden polished ones. Antique door knobs and door handles are another way to attract wealth and prosperity. With the antique door handle bars made of copper, brass or metal look very attractive the metal element in them enhances the wealth money luck of your home. Designer door knobs not only   look very attractive they are energy enhancers and unique they have excellent wealth energy.
You may also find out your feng shui lucky element, or family lucky element and have doorknobs and handles of that element to bring in harmony and good luck. Wood door knobs and handles are also considered auspicious in feng shui as they bring in stability in the family.
Shiny crystal knobs are another way to attract money luck into your family. Any object that is shiny reflects and attracts more light energy thus bringing in positive chi.Golden plated, silver knobs or any metal knobs are considered auspicious in feng shui as for the metal element in them. Another aspect s also that metal is stronger and brings in stability and strength for the main door. All the inside doors also can be fitted with fancy door knobs that make the doors attractive thus bringing a smile and happiness in the family.
While buying door knobs and door handles do look into the aspect of your personal preferences. For a quiet nature person very shiny metals would create too much energy and make them feel uncomfortable. For such individuals the matted finished door knobs of simple designs are good. Whereas for young couple or for the more energetic nature people they can go in for any fancy door knobs and handles of crystal, metal or any materials, of all the options available in the market.
Thank You!

7 tips for Buying Online Gemstone Jewellery

Obsessed Over Stones: 7 tips for Buying Online Gemstone Jewellery: With the gifting season on hand, a season of love , online shopping gemstone sites are booming with sales. With diamond jewellery still ruli...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feng Shui Designer Footwear Feng Shui Style

Feng shui footwear need not be boring and we now have such a wide range of funky feng shui footwear.
Glittering Blue Flat heel Shoes

Footwear , covering and protecting your important part, feet, needs to be comfortable and the right fit.
Designer labels and costly foot wear is becoming the latest fashion, we do choose branded foot wear over the road side stalls one as it lasts longer and also adds to our style statement. As there are plenty of designer foot wear available at label stores and also online shopping sites , feng shui foot wear tips are handy to give to satisfaction from your costly designer  foot wear.
How many of us think before buying a designer foot wear about the comfort level, the right fit, the satisfaction this will give to us and how long will the foot wear last? As we see colors, designs , patterns and labels , very often we neglect the main purpose of foot wear, to cover our feet and make walking comfortable.
Feng shui is all about balance, harmony and peace a feeling of satisfaction and one with nature. If your foot wear bites, and you get sores in your feet, point lost , If you feel it is too tight, again point lost, if the footwear is too funky for your nature, the designer label will not bring you confidence and you  ill feel uncomfortable in wearing this foot wear, point lost; your foot wear looking so good but a bit loose, you need to grip your toes to walk, again point lost; delicate footwear designs in contemporary foot wear if the straps are prone to breaking, especially at unexpected times, point lost; if your life style is hectic too much walking, then a delicate design will not serve the purpose, as you need a sturdy foot wear, as in mountain climbing and trekking we wear shoes and not chappals or sandals, and if you live a lavish life style just anything will do, as whichever style foot wear you carry yourself!
Feng shui foot wear is such that places utmost importance on your life style and comfort. The right fit, wear it and then go ahead for purchase. Look for small details, does it pinch, can you walk without any effort, most importantly does it feel as one with your feet, and finally go with your gut feeling , if it feels right, does it feel right for you, then it definitely is!
All the Best!
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Thank You!