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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why Yellow Walls are not Considered Good Feng shui Feng shui Selecting Wall Color Tips for Every Room

Colors in any form will create a dramatic effect on our mind and soul. The most largest exposed part in any home are the walls of every room, and color here, used in large areas, will have a prominent effect. Feng shui is all about harmony and balance, as it is also to improve energy and luck. Feng shui color chart includes colors symbolizing the element and can be used in areas to invite positive chi into your home. With certain rules for using color on walls you may follow simple feng shui tips for selecting color for every room and invite peace, harmony and good luck into your home.  
Wall Colors for living room, white and beige best for whole home and this color symbolizes and brings in also stability and peace, growth, color blue is symbolic as if drowning, if used from bottom to top on any room wall. In feng shui it is advisable to use some colors especially red and blue in small quantities in home. Red like fire and makes an impression as if the whole house is burning which is not symbolically good. One can use pink, peach, light rose, harmony creativity balance in homes.
The color yellow has been very often called a cheery sunlight color and preferred by children to enliven the mood. The Solar Plexus chakra, third one represents ego, wisdom and power in Reiki, and an imbalance in this chakra brings about insecurity, fear and stomach related health problems. Yellow is an important color to be exposed to regularly for uplifting energy of this chakra.  But according to certain scientific experiments conducted it has been found that having too much yellow in a room, especially children’s room makes them irritable, restless and cranky. You may have yellow color as highlights in form of accessories, cushions, tables, chairs, paintings in color yellow, sculptures in golden yellow color or even go in for a textured single yellow wall.
Yellow is a beautiful color and brings about feelings of positive energy, excitement and motivation to move ahead but used in large areas makes a person restless and irritable ,especially after a tiring day entering a yellow room will only lower our energy. There is also a symbolic scientific belief that the more you are exposed to a color the more your aura reflect the color, the reason why people choose gemstone jewellery to get more of a certain color, hence it is advisable to have all colors in some form or the other in your home to bring in good luck, peace and harmony.
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