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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feng Shui Designer Footwear Feng Shui Style

Feng shui footwear need not be boring and we now have such a wide range of funky feng shui footwear.
Glittering Blue Flat heel Shoes

Footwear , covering and protecting your important part, feet, needs to be comfortable and the right fit.
Designer labels and costly foot wear is becoming the latest fashion, we do choose branded foot wear over the road side stalls one as it lasts longer and also adds to our style statement. As there are plenty of designer foot wear available at label stores and also online shopping sites , feng shui foot wear tips are handy to give to satisfaction from your costly designer  foot wear.
How many of us think before buying a designer foot wear about the comfort level, the right fit, the satisfaction this will give to us and how long will the foot wear last? As we see colors, designs , patterns and labels , very often we neglect the main purpose of foot wear, to cover our feet and make walking comfortable.
Feng shui is all about balance, harmony and peace a feeling of satisfaction and one with nature. If your foot wear bites, and you get sores in your feet, point lost , If you feel it is too tight, again point lost, if the footwear is too funky for your nature, the designer label will not bring you confidence and you  ill feel uncomfortable in wearing this foot wear, point lost; your foot wear looking so good but a bit loose, you need to grip your toes to walk, again point lost; delicate footwear designs in contemporary foot wear if the straps are prone to breaking, especially at unexpected times, point lost; if your life style is hectic too much walking, then a delicate design will not serve the purpose, as you need a sturdy foot wear, as in mountain climbing and trekking we wear shoes and not chappals or sandals, and if you live a lavish life style just anything will do, as whichever style foot wear you carry yourself!
Feng shui foot wear is such that places utmost importance on your life style and comfort. The right fit, wear it and then go ahead for purchase. Look for small details, does it pinch, can you walk without any effort, most importantly does it feel as one with your feet, and finally go with your gut feeling , if it feels right, does it feel right for you, then it definitely is!
All the Best!
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