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Monday, February 18, 2013

Feng Shui for Higher Sales Online Auction Sites Booming with Sales

Feng shui  for higher sales online, is what all websites are looking for. Online auction sites are booming with sales, from jewellery of diamonds and semi precious gemstones, cosmetics, footwear, clothes, apparel, upholstery, games, toys, hand bags and purses, to the more elaborate electronic goods of latest technology , all are available online from many shopping sites.Why does one site have roaring business and others are idle? let us discuss a few points and tips for online websites feng shui.get your business going with feng shui simple tips and suggestions for your online shopping sites and websites. If you have invested in a good website and still have not seen sales or are facing lowered sales there is an imbalance in the feng shui of your website which when balanced would start showing you positive results in terms of sales and money.
First of all try to be less judgemental and view your website as a normal person who has stopped for buying from your online  auction website. Is your site user friendly, by this I mean does the page open quickly without having to take minutes to load all the contents of your web page.Here the feng shui energy is slow and thus as for any business to run smoothly and roaring you need more yang energy. This does not mean that you spend a fortune to build a website and even if you spend a large amount and make a fancy decorative website this will not in any way assure you higher sales from your online auction website.
It is important that the products listed for sale or online shopping items are clear, simple information and  precise. Photographs need to be of higher resolution and clearly describe the products listed for sale.
Lots of pop ups and other irrelevant advertisements along with the product description listed for sale will drive away your customers, try to give information about the product as much as is possible in concise manner.
The left side of any web page is very important according to feng shui. As in the home the left side area from the main door is the prosperity wealth corner and the most important part for bringing in money, sales and wealth. Try to keep your online auction sites updated and free from clutter. Try to minimize irrelevant matter from your web page as is possible.
Online auction sites that are having a blast in sales are those that offer cheapest deals and more options. From apparel, to shoes and clothes to online buying of furniture  electronic goods, mobile phones, tabs and lap tops, art and paintings all things are available at online auction sites and you can get cheapest offers and also profit from schemes and club offers of many things together.
So if your online auction site or business website is not showing sales try to check the feng shui of your site. Try to follow simple feng shui cures using color and feng shui element theory. Improve the chi around by changing some aspects of your site, either increase yang energy or balance it, for example a website for apparel can have any back ground colored page, but a website for health care or medicines and pharmaceuticals  would look garish with a red web page and needs a toned down web page which is user friendly.
And finally of course do think about the main important aspect, your products and business, put forthe good quality products and see the sales shooting up!hear the sound of money.
Thank you and All the Best!

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