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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Select Feng Shui Tea Coffee Designer Mug

Designer mugs, tea cups, milk mugs, green tea cups, Tea coffee milk, as our day begins with a mug every household has designer mugs for each member of the family. While some like funky designer cups to kick start the day with a positive message hand painted, there are some who prefer the plain white ceramic mugs and focus more on the tea and aroma of their health drink.
feng shui plays an important role in beginning of your day. The energy given to kick start your day with whatever drink you have has lots to do with the container used to serve your health drink. Since ages we have used round tea cups and many still prefer this shape for serving hot drinks, our milk mugs are round and we rarely go in for any other shapes, as we experiment with designs and prints.
Most lucky Feng Shui shape Ba Gua Shaped Mug, Original Photo by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
 We have now available many attractive shapes and sizes of coffee and tea mugs. as Chinese prefer round shaped mugs even the mos lucky shape in feng shui Ba Gua shaped, that is any figure having eight sides is found to be the most auspicious in feng shui. The exterior color of your feng shui good luck designer mug may be any, but the inside has to be pure white, this is to get maximum benefit from your health drink.

Eight Sided Coffee Designer Mug Feng Shui luck, original photo by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Square is another shape that also brings about symbolic balance and stability. Though it all depends upon individual preferences and likes as to choosing your tea mugs, as many still prefer to go in for standard round shaped tea coffee mugs, though they do experiment with exterior patterns,  colors and designs.
Begin your day with feng shui energy and maximize the benefit of your health drink, tea, coffee, milk, by choosing the right designer tea mug!.
Thank You!

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