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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Door Knobs Door Handles Attract Feng Shui Wealth Luck

Door Knobs and Door Handles, can be used effectively as feng shui cures to attract wealth into your home. As main door is considered the most important part of your home, doors play an important part in bringing in positive energy, chi into your home. This feng shui energy is used by the family which uplifts health, wealth and prosperity and heals relationships and replenishes the energy lost by going out daily.
Door handles and door knobs come in a variety of materials and designs. Prices for door knobs and handles vary from cheaper plastic ones to the costly crystal or golden polished ones. Antique door knobs and door handles are another way to attract wealth and prosperity. With the antique door handle bars made of copper, brass or metal look very attractive the metal element in them enhances the wealth money luck of your home. Designer door knobs not only   look very attractive they are energy enhancers and unique they have excellent wealth energy.
You may also find out your feng shui lucky element, or family lucky element and have doorknobs and handles of that element to bring in harmony and good luck. Wood door knobs and handles are also considered auspicious in feng shui as they bring in stability in the family.
Shiny crystal knobs are another way to attract money luck into your family. Any object that is shiny reflects and attracts more light energy thus bringing in positive chi.Golden plated, silver knobs or any metal knobs are considered auspicious in feng shui as for the metal element in them. Another aspect s also that metal is stronger and brings in stability and strength for the main door. All the inside doors also can be fitted with fancy door knobs that make the doors attractive thus bringing a smile and happiness in the family.
While buying door knobs and door handles do look into the aspect of your personal preferences. For a quiet nature person very shiny metals would create too much energy and make them feel uncomfortable. For such individuals the matted finished door knobs of simple designs are good. Whereas for young couple or for the more energetic nature people they can go in for any fancy door knobs and handles of crystal, metal or any materials, of all the options available in the market.
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