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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Designer Branded Furniture Pieces and Feng Shui Tips for Buying Branded Abstract Design Furniture

Designer Branded Furniture Pieces, look great and as interior decorators are coming up with many creative designs in furniture, the trend today is on contemporary and abstract pieces in furniture. Feng shui the art of placement of furniture and it is all about balance and harmony, this ancient science follows certain principles the five element theory,  which lead to peace and harmony, prosperity.
Feng Shui Tips for Buying Branded Abstract Design Furniture- Consider the element the designer branded furniture piece is made of. Solid wood is always great for any home. Glass as it makes a feeling of increased space, does not fulfill the requirement of stability, but can be balanced with wooden or metal frames in any designer branded furniture piece.
Abstract furniture pieces and designer branded abnormal abstract designs look great but while buying one must consider a few feng shui rules before going in for the buy just for the brand image. While the triangle shaped shelf looks great it may fulfill less utility and use up more precious space in your room.
As also a abstract shaped back rest for your chair though will look a designer piece in your living room but will not give you the desired back support while sitting, and will be unable to fulfill its basic utility purpose.
Another common mistake people do while buying designer branded furniture is that we go in for the brand name and select a sofa set, a bedroom set or a living room combo furniture set, a side table free with any combination, or a centre table free with living room furniture. Such cases the feng shui aspects go hay wire, while you select the main furniture sofa according to your simple knowledge of feng shui rules, the center table may be an abstract patterned small piece which may not fulfill your family's , guests tea time requirements  so this goes waste as it takes up precious pace in your living room but always when you try to sue it and it does not fulfill your requirement it produces a negative energy and this surrounds the furniture pieces the more frequently you  or any family member uses this piece of furniture.
Even in combo offers from branded designer furniture pieces for bedroom sets with side table free, the same case may be, that the tables may not fulfill your requirements and you may fall short of drawers or have more drawers than needed, usually it is the other way round where the free furniture pieces are made of cheaper materials and smaller in size which later in the end are either parted with or find place in the store room and accumulate dust.
While buying designer branded furniture you may ask for other option available or try to negotiate on bargain deals without the extra pieces of furniture. The shop owners would be obliged to help your out if you ask ad you may be happy that you have saved the extra money which would have been wasted over extra pieces of furniture.
For detachable designer furniture pieces see that the fittings are secure and stable. Abstract designer chairs can add a style quotient to your living room and also improve the chi around so go in for single pieces that can add up the style quotient of your home and the rest of furniture can be for family utility purpose. Keeping simple feng shui principles while buying designer branded furniture you can get more out of your branded furniture pieces, in terms of utility and satisfaction.
Thank You!
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