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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dead Persons Photo Opposite to you main door Shar energy 9 Effective Poison Arrow feng shui cures for Main Door

Dead Persons Photo Opposite to you main door Shar energy Poison Arrow feng shui cures.
A very tricky situation comes up when you and your neighbour may have not problems but they hang an image of dead person, of Idol maybe out of respect over their main door.
What more it may send shar energy, poison arrow towards your home.
Feng shui evil eye cure Suraksha Kavach
First of all in feng shui we never advice to hang pictures or photographs of dead people, as they are dead, and this means stagnant energy.
Feng Shui Mirror for protection

Mirror globe to dissolve  negative energy
Large Container with Tall Plant
God Sculpture with wide mouthed water contaienr
Try to communicate with your neighbor if possible so that they  may hang the photo inside their house, but most of the times I know it is never possible.
So let us see some simple feng shui cures that we can apply to our main door to protect from this negative poison arrow coming towards your home.
1) Color your main door white, if possible.Purity and brightness is the best to counter yin energy and posion arrows.
2) Hang a mirror globe to deflect negative energy.
3) Hang feng shui mirror if the shar is impossible to bear and draining all your energy.
4) Put sculpture of God idol for protection.
5)  wide mouthed container with water. Water in feng shui has been proved to absorb negative energy.
6) Put a large plant container with tall plant, preferably Feng shui Bamboo plant outside your main door.
7) Feng shui evil eye cure, suraksha kavach, can be hung to protect from shar poison arrows.
8) Strong bright lights over your main door. A large watt bulb or light and keep it on day and night.
9) Hang a healing cure protection painting, symbols are the best to protect as well as dissolve the negative energy coming towards you and your home, and within few days the neighbors will remove the objects sending shar energy, poison arrow towards you.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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Exercising Machines and Your personal Gym in Feng Shui where to have personal gym

Exercising Machines and Your personal Gym in Feng Shui where to have personal gym.
With health awareness and focus on exercising we see a lot of people joining gyms for health purposes. Then the trends are also increasing towards having a personal gym at home so that every family member can work out at their convenience.
Once bought these exercising equipment after a few months of use are seen lying idle and in bad condition. This creates bad feng shui and if these broken or not working equipment are kept in your wealth or helpful friends are just think what type of energy they will keep on adding or blocking in your life.
Feng shui tips for exercise equipment and personal gym-
1) never have gym or exercising equipment in bedroom. This is the place to unwind and exercise represents yang energy.
2) never keep gym equipment under bed ,as this will affect your sleep. these equipment's keep producing energy even when kept on floor and it can be felt if they are stored under or in the bed storage. This will affect your sleep, health and relationships.
3) Never have gym in living room or near the entrances as here as we enter after a hard day it will again make us feel drained and many will feel less motivated to work out.
4) with positive chi coming from windows , best to have gym and exercise equipment near windows.
5) Always keep exercising equipment and gym materials in good condition and smoothly working. Repair anything broken or grease them if not smooth.
6) East sector represents feng shui health and is very good to have your personal gym and have all exercising equipment here.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
for some health n wealth and modern abstract symbolic happiness Floral Fantasy
Feng Shui Evil Eye Cure and Modern Evil Eye Cure Painting

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to protect from shar energy from modern cooking equipment Protect from Feng Shui Energy Wealth Drain

How to protect from shar energy emitted from modern cooking equipment in modern kitchens. Finding wealth slipping away, losses in business and finding it hard to save money, check out your kitchen feng shui.
Ovens, cooking ranges, chimney, refrigerators and the rotating dining table top, everything today in kitchen has an electrical energy in it. This continues to produce shar energy in your kitchen affecting your health.
Feng shuing you kitchen, first let us see how many elements are already here in your kitchen.
Kitchen with water (wash basin) , fire (cooking gas range) and metal  (refrigerator) energy and wind from windows only lacks one element to have the perfect harmony and feng shui. Add up the wooden element with modern kitchen wooden cabinets to balance energy in your kitchen.
Modern sleek kitchen cabinets are beautiful and also available in so many elegant designs and colors. What I love most about these modern kitchen is that convenience and cleaning along with performance is best with these modern sleek kitchens.And they can be dismantled if you wish to move!
Kitchen Feng Shui Modern Sleek Kitchen Feng Shui
Bring in wooden element in your kitchen to protect your family from harmful UV radiations emitted from modern electrical cooking appliances. Avoid colors dark and dull, use of browns and wood work wonders to feng shui of your kitchen.
Keeping these appliances open continuously drains energy from the kitchen room and reduces chi , sometimes the cook also feels drained after spending just a little time in the kitchen. Yes technology is advanced and we have a way too much equipment lined up in our modern kitchens. Many times most are also never used regularly.
Feng shui protection to avoid chi from escaping from your kitchen, and in other way wealth from escaping from your kitchen-
1) Always allow fresh air for at least some time of the day in your kitchen.
2) Best to have kitchen fire element in south but if you have your kitchen in any other space apply simple feng shui cures like mirror to bring in lacking energy.
3) Cover all modern cooking equipment in wooden cabinets with wooden doors. Modern sleek kitchen cabinets have doors of wood, which protect from continuous exposure to these electrical energy.
4) Clean cooking  equipment, ovens, cooking ranges, hot plates, mixers and grinders, juice makers,  with salt water after every use and dry off well before closing the cabinets. Removes stains and leaves a fresh smell and removes stale smell of food.
5) Wood element is a strong protector from negative energy and very important element in the feng shui of your kitchen. Bring this with wooden cabinets and wooden doors.

All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thank you!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Feng Shui Paintings for Popularity Fame and Wealth Success Bird paintings for Good Luck and Fame

For all those who are successful will sure share that wealth is a by product of hard sincere effort and loads of heaven and earth luck. For heaven luck you can add healing paintings and  healing symbols and apply feng shui cures as with feng shui symbolic healing paintings.
Fame Luck
One cannot go without the other, feng shui is a blend of all sectors of life going in harmony with nature that brings about success in your life. Feng shui paintings of birds can be hung in office with positive intentions of the healer and the healee to attract good business opportunities, helpful friends ,strong mentor luck and wealth.
Feng shui lays a lot of importance on birds as birds represent strong heaven luck energy. For fame and recognition and success in business and job one can display some healing bird paintings. Phoenix brings popularity and fame. The rooster another beautiful bird symbolic of great business luck as it is a early riser and has a clear loud call that represents  your popularity spreading far and wide.
Attract good business, success and successful people towards you by displaying healing bird paintings. Fame , wealth and success  can also be attracted by displaying peacock paintings as the peacock has a hundred eyes, it also helps to protect form evil eye and ill luck and attracts prosperity and fame.
These paintings for fame and recognition must be carefully  chosen with feng shui color symbolism and healing energies for maximum benefits and faster results. Display these healing paintings in south sector.

Thank you for coming by Feng Shuii simple cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!

(All images are my original paintings , some are displayed with modern decor, All Paintings and Content Copyright©  Rizwana A.Mundewadi Do Not Copy for Fear of Karma!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Air Coolers and air Conditioners in Feng Shui Where to have air conditioners and feng shui tips

Air Coolers and air Conditioners in Feng Shui are considered not so good energy as they produce artificial forces that are not existing in nature. Yet in todays' environment we see homes and offices having air coolers and air conditioners installed in every room and in fact they just cannot do without these.
Air Coolers and feng Shui
The fact also comes up in cold snow countries where heaters are a must for survival.
Air conditioners do produce forces and energy from their vents as chi enters your space , even though artificially is a source to invite  yang flow thus balancing the yin , that is hot or cold at home. With proper flow of energy the inmates feel peaceful and are able to work constructively.
Feng shui and air conditioners/ air coolers some simple tips-
1) Try to maintain the temperatures to near normal and never extremes. Have temperatures set in your air conditioners near to what is acceptable to body.
2) never install air coolers or air conditioners above your head rest in bedroom, the flow will go in opposite direction. And also affect your rest and sleep.
3) Avoid vents of ac or air coolers right in front of seating arrangements in living room or bed in bedroom , as again the blast of air will affect your life adversely.
4) Always keep the Air conditioner or air cooler vents dust free and clean.
5) Choose air conditioners and air coolers according to your personal  needs and budget. No point in having a large air conditioner for small spaces and also the high maintenance costs will affect your outgoing wealth in terms of regular electricity bills.
6) Never have air conditioners right in front of your seating arrangement or bed as here also the strong blast will come directly to your body, too strong an energy again is not good for the feng shui of your body.
7) Most importantly even if you have air conditioners in all rooms try to invite fresh energy at least for some part of the day. As air flow is very essential to maintain the feng shui of your home, which affects directly your health and  happiness.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Laughing Buddha Best Feng Shui Wealth Cure
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Micro wave oven equipment and Cooking Ranges feng shui cures

Micro wave oven equipment and Cooking Ranges feng shui cures
Feeling energy drained after using an electrical equipment, modern cooking method micro wave ovens, try this simple yet very effective feng shui cure.
Salt a very very powerful cure to remove negative energy.
Your micro wave oven and cooking ranges can benefit with some positive chi around.
At times after many uses we see that electrical cooking ranges and micro wave ovens draw more energy from electricity as well as you. Cooking  sometimes starts to become boring and energy draining for you. Check out the feng shui of your modern cooking equipment and ovens.
Add some color here and use green to protect from radiations.
1) unplug after every use all equipment and cooking ranges . Removing from electricity sources will conserve energy of your equipment and you.
2) Clean them after every use, left over foods, and stains drain your energy gradually unknowingly.
3) Clean your ovens with salt and lemon water, if possible boil water with some salt and lemon juice to purify your equipment. Remember to dry off the oven and all modern cooking equipment well before next use.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Kitchen Wealth  Micro wave Oven feng Shui

Where to Hang God Paintings in Your Office or work place according to Feng Shui

Where to Hang  God Paintings  in Your Office  or work place according to Feng Shui
 Religious , and spiritual people are in love with God figures and paintings and we immediately realize the ones when we visit their home or office. Right from entrances, main door where they have a God figure or sculpture installed above the main door outside to the inside door and even the panels of each door has some symbols of God.
Then we also see walls that may have some different God paintings along with artifacts that also are having some religious spiritual significance. We all have entered such spaces and personally I never feel at peace in such surroundings and the owners too never seem to be at peace. Too much focus on God figures.
Without realizing the energy and power of hanging Different God paintings and  having this over powering presence of such images viewed daily there is a strong energy that may be circulating inside the space that does not allow mind to work in freedom. The thinking may be affected and also many times business may suffer due to clients repelling under pressure of theses images displayed around the space.
There also comes one thought that your clients may not be following your religious practices and God's so this may affect your business adversely. The love for hanging different God paintings comes from love for images and representations of God. Many swear by their religious beliefs and it is Ok for them. But when dealing with other people and if you wish to feng shui your office space to attract more clients I always suggest to keep God figurines in North East sector or hang a religious God Figure painting here. You can have a God painting behind your back , near the cash counter or inside of the entrance main door.
Protection Paintings

Collection of Elephant Painting
Your feng shui wealth and business luck in office and work place comes from the main door and hanging universally accepted wealth cures helps a lot. Since feng shui is all about going with the flow modern feng shui cures and paintings help to attract the same energy that can benefit in all aspects of life.
For modern offices feng shui and God Figures must be a blend of your religious beliefs and what goes with contemporary decor.
Mandala paintings , sacred geometry and symbolic art is what attracts good feng shui as well as blends with your modern office decor.
Just one or two God Figures may be put up and avoid the number three and more than this. Many Gods Idols or God Paintings  in one Room must be avoided according to Feng Shui
For attracting more business follow simple feng shui cures that will not only blend with your modern decor but also act as cures to heal your life from all aspects, and of course attract more wealth, good luck and business luck.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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