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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dead Persons Photo Opposite to you main door Shar energy 9 Effective Poison Arrow feng shui cures for Main Door

Dead Persons Photo Opposite to you main door Shar energy Poison Arrow feng shui cures.
A very tricky situation comes up when you and your neighbour may have not problems but they hang an image of dead person, of Idol maybe out of respect over their main door.
What more it may send shar energy, poison arrow towards your home.
Feng shui evil eye cure Suraksha Kavach
First of all in feng shui we never advice to hang pictures or photographs of dead people, as they are dead, and this means stagnant energy.
Feng Shui Mirror for protection

Mirror globe to dissolve  negative energy
Large Container with Tall Plant
God Sculpture with wide mouthed water contaienr
Try to communicate with your neighbor if possible so that they  may hang the photo inside their house, but most of the times I know it is never possible.
So let us see some simple feng shui cures that we can apply to our main door to protect from this negative poison arrow coming towards your home.
1) Color your main door white, if possible.Purity and brightness is the best to counter yin energy and posion arrows.
2) Hang a mirror globe to deflect negative energy.
3) Hang feng shui mirror if the shar is impossible to bear and draining all your energy.
4) Put sculpture of God idol for protection.
5)  wide mouthed container with water. Water in feng shui has been proved to absorb negative energy.
6) Put a large plant container with tall plant, preferably Feng shui Bamboo plant outside your main door.
7) Feng shui evil eye cure, suraksha kavach, can be hung to protect from shar poison arrows.
8) Strong bright lights over your main door. A large watt bulb or light and keep it on day and night.
9) Hang a healing cure protection painting, symbols are the best to protect as well as dissolve the negative energy coming towards you and your home, and within few days the neighbors will remove the objects sending shar energy, poison arrow towards you.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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