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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Exercising Machines and Your personal Gym in Feng Shui where to have personal gym

Exercising Machines and Your personal Gym in Feng Shui where to have personal gym.
With health awareness and focus on exercising we see a lot of people joining gyms for health purposes. Then the trends are also increasing towards having a personal gym at home so that every family member can work out at their convenience.
Once bought these exercising equipment after a few months of use are seen lying idle and in bad condition. This creates bad feng shui and if these broken or not working equipment are kept in your wealth or helpful friends are just think what type of energy they will keep on adding or blocking in your life.
Feng shui tips for exercise equipment and personal gym-
1) never have gym or exercising equipment in bedroom. This is the place to unwind and exercise represents yang energy.
2) never keep gym equipment under bed ,as this will affect your sleep. these equipment's keep producing energy even when kept on floor and it can be felt if they are stored under or in the bed storage. This will affect your sleep, health and relationships.
3) Never have gym in living room or near the entrances as here as we enter after a hard day it will again make us feel drained and many will feel less motivated to work out.
4) with positive chi coming from windows , best to have gym and exercise equipment near windows.
5) Always keep exercising equipment and gym materials in good condition and smoothly working. Repair anything broken or grease them if not smooth.
6) East sector represents feng shui health and is very good to have your personal gym and have all exercising equipment here.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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