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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to protect from shar energy from modern cooking equipment Protect from Feng Shui Energy Wealth Drain

How to protect from shar energy emitted from modern cooking equipment in modern kitchens. Finding wealth slipping away, losses in business and finding it hard to save money, check out your kitchen feng shui.
Ovens, cooking ranges, chimney, refrigerators and the rotating dining table top, everything today in kitchen has an electrical energy in it. This continues to produce shar energy in your kitchen affecting your health.
Feng shuing you kitchen, first let us see how many elements are already here in your kitchen.
Kitchen with water (wash basin) , fire (cooking gas range) and metal  (refrigerator) energy and wind from windows only lacks one element to have the perfect harmony and feng shui. Add up the wooden element with modern kitchen wooden cabinets to balance energy in your kitchen.
Modern sleek kitchen cabinets are beautiful and also available in so many elegant designs and colors. What I love most about these modern kitchen is that convenience and cleaning along with performance is best with these modern sleek kitchens.And they can be dismantled if you wish to move!
Kitchen Feng Shui Modern Sleek Kitchen Feng Shui
Bring in wooden element in your kitchen to protect your family from harmful UV radiations emitted from modern electrical cooking appliances. Avoid colors dark and dull, use of browns and wood work wonders to feng shui of your kitchen.
Keeping these appliances open continuously drains energy from the kitchen room and reduces chi , sometimes the cook also feels drained after spending just a little time in the kitchen. Yes technology is advanced and we have a way too much equipment lined up in our modern kitchens. Many times most are also never used regularly.
Feng shui protection to avoid chi from escaping from your kitchen, and in other way wealth from escaping from your kitchen-
1) Always allow fresh air for at least some time of the day in your kitchen.
2) Best to have kitchen fire element in south but if you have your kitchen in any other space apply simple feng shui cures like mirror to bring in lacking energy.
3) Cover all modern cooking equipment in wooden cabinets with wooden doors. Modern sleek kitchen cabinets have doors of wood, which protect from continuous exposure to these electrical energy.
4) Clean cooking  equipment, ovens, cooking ranges, hot plates, mixers and grinders, juice makers,  with salt water after every use and dry off well before closing the cabinets. Removes stains and leaves a fresh smell and removes stale smell of food.
5) Wood element is a strong protector from negative energy and very important element in the feng shui of your kitchen. Bring this with wooden cabinets and wooden doors.

All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thank you!

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