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Monday, October 20, 2014

Feng Shui Paintings for Popularity Fame and Wealth Success Bird paintings for Good Luck and Fame

For all those who are successful will sure share that wealth is a by product of hard sincere effort and loads of heaven and earth luck. For heaven luck you can add healing paintings and  healing symbols and apply feng shui cures as with feng shui symbolic healing paintings.
Fame Luck
One cannot go without the other, feng shui is a blend of all sectors of life going in harmony with nature that brings about success in your life. Feng shui paintings of birds can be hung in office with positive intentions of the healer and the healee to attract good business opportunities, helpful friends ,strong mentor luck and wealth.
Feng shui lays a lot of importance on birds as birds represent strong heaven luck energy. For fame and recognition and success in business and job one can display some healing bird paintings. Phoenix brings popularity and fame. The rooster another beautiful bird symbolic of great business luck as it is a early riser and has a clear loud call that represents  your popularity spreading far and wide.
Attract good business, success and successful people towards you by displaying healing bird paintings. Fame , wealth and success  can also be attracted by displaying peacock paintings as the peacock has a hundred eyes, it also helps to protect form evil eye and ill luck and attracts prosperity and fame.
These paintings for fame and recognition must be carefully  chosen with feng shui color symbolism and healing energies for maximum benefits and faster results. Display these healing paintings in south sector.

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(All images are my original paintings , some are displayed with modern decor, All Paintings and Content Copyright©  Rizwana A.Mundewadi Do Not Copy for Fear of Karma!

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