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Friday, March 29, 2013

Oak Furniture as Feng Shui Cure Why Buy Genuine Oak Mirror

Oak furniture as feng shui cure, wood  the element representing growth and oak furniture a great feng shui cure for many health and wealth problems.
Having Genuine oak mirror and oak furniture plays an important role in feng shui energy of your home and office. Oak mirrors are very beautiful and with the sturdy frame on the oak mirror we bring in wood energy which is very important for stability and growth.
Wood represents growth and is best element for east and south. Hanging a oak mirror on the south wall of  your home or office attracts positive fame and recognition energy into your life. A great frame of oak would also add up to the strength and stability aspect with brown color.
Oak furniture designs not only look good but also bring in the ethnic and raw rural feel into your home with shades of brown in furniture. Not only does the designer oak furniture fit into any interior decor but also the wooden feel gives us loads of options in decorating our home with colorful accessories and wall paints.
Oak mirror , as  any mirror in feng shui acts as powerful feng shui cure for many things in life, when hung in the passage will increase the size of the narrow  passages making it feel more spacious and when hung in the south fame area will encourage fame energy.
Mirrors are also used to block off negative energy  and powerful tools for reflecting back all  negative energy from your home and office. Installing a large oak mirror on the dining room table wall ensures the home will never have less.  More food means more abundance according to Chinese philosophy.
Genuine oak or teak wood furniture as compared to other fancy cheap furniture has much more positive energy and stability.
Having wood  oak furniture in the east section of your living room will attract good health and improve relationships with elders and family members and also improve health of the inmates.
Use wood oak teak wood furniture judiciously as feng shui cures in your home  to attract peace, prosperity and good health and wealth.
All the Best!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feng Shui Painting Tips for Purple and Black Wall Color Symbolism

Purple wall color is a way to bring attention and royalty to your home. Elegance and style is represented by color black. Symbolism with color purple connects to the past history where royal people and rich people used to wear purple velvety robes. High priests and top position people adorned purple colored clothes in silk. Since then purple color has become synonymous with royalty and class.
In Feng shui the purple color has its own importance and symbolism. having purple color walls or any artefact in the room indicates richness and royalty. It definately improves the aura of the room or office and lends an added touch of class. Purple color rules the east section of your home and having purple here would boost your family relationships, elders relationships and health.
Color purple as it represents wealth and richness can also be used in the south east to attract feng shui money wealth luck. Abundance , prosperity and wealth, so also the color black indicates royalty , no wonder uber class people buy black Mercedes.
On the other hand having too much purple is sometimes considered harmful as it leads to feelings of depression, lethargy and lonliness, don't know exactly but is mentioned in color symbolism. Black as was in olden times,  considered something evil and bad, negative energy, was a color which was thoroughly avoided every where.
Today we find people are more open to wall colors and with the variety of wall paints available and great wall color shades we are even comfortable with color black. Black highlights in accents as cushions, upholstery curtains and leather sofa sets instantly improves the look of your home and office.
With choosing wall paints purple and black according to feng shui consider the colors of the Ba Gua, feng shui colors can be used as guidance only and if you love them, purple and black colors on walls, you can have them on your walls, and if you are not comfortable with any color do not use it as it will only make you feel uncomfortable and restless.
Usually purple is best used as highlights on single textured walls or single wall color and the rest of the room can be a subdued tone of off white to balance the energy, though we are now seeing more and more purple rooms in most homes now. Black similarly may not look good for the whole room walls but in case you are comfortable you may add a single wall with this color and add paintings or any decorative piece of artefact here, as black color accentuates the beauty of any object and acts as a wonderful background color.
More and more black bathrooms tiled, black and white preferably are ruling the interior decoration market today. The famous check style is again back with lines and geometry in black and white. As for wall colors black must be used sparingly as too much will create a gloomy environment, and black often repels, you don't want to drive away everyone from your home!  It is best to add touches of golden color if you are going in for single textured grey black walls.
Feng shui is all about balance and positive feelings,  wall paints bring fresh energy to your home, do not implement and feng shui principle or cure if you are not comfortable with it, if it does not feel right at first, it definately is not!
For purple and black feng shui wealth paintings visit my website Rizwana Mundewadi's healing Art
Thank You!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Improve Work Relationships with Employer Feng Shui Tips for Male and Female Bosses

Improving work relationships is one of the most sought after need of the time. As we all know how the boss rules our work life and job promotions using simple feng shui tips you can improve relationships with your bosses and colleagues.
In feng shui there are different power positions areas in your office and home.Power positions are those areas which when activated by using simple feng shui cures bring about good luck and attract positive energy in your life. Each room has its own power positions as of the head of the family and every member of the family. As the male head rules the far left corner of the room when entering the female rules the south west area of your room. The eldest son rules the east section and so on. When these areas are activated they bring about harmony and peace and every task goes on smoothly. Every member of the family, each individual, can improve relationships within the family as well as with others social circles around them.

Female bosses as many employees say, are either very dominating, arrogant and irrational,or very emotional and empathetic  either ways not good for work relationships and work place environment. If you have a female boss activate your south west area with chandeliers, crystals or anything shiny that will keep reflecting energy around. You may also add a globe for career luck here to bring good business and promotion.

In case you have a male boss you need to activate the north west area with crystal globe or books of knowledge. this will improve relationships with your boss and also invite good promotions and business luck.
For using feng shui cures you may add a bamboo plant on your work table and also a glass of water covered  on the left side, preferable or any side comfortable to you,  of your work table to attract good business luck.
Remember feng shui cures will not work magic it will only attract the extra energy required to give you a work push, the rest is up to you, how your work towards achieving your goal. You will find new energy, new helpful guides  in your boss, mentor luck,  and also business opportunities and offers, it is then for you to act.
For mentor and career luck feng shui paintings please visit my Healing Art website
Thank You!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Feng Shui of Duplex Triplex Apartment View facing Cemetery or Dumping Ground

Duplex , triplex and villas feng shuing such houses becomes all the more difficult sometimes when there is extended family staying here as the levels would affect the feng shui of the whole home and all its members. Time and again I have mentioned if all is smooth and good there is just no need to feng shui your home, as there are many factors influencing the feng shui of your house, one being personal and heaven luck and other being environmental earth luck  One aspect may be strong while other may be subdued and as long as there is everything flowing smoothly along with cash there is no need to disturb the feng shui of the place.
Cemeteries, dumping grounds, land lying uncared , prohibited land, factory wastes, and many more such environmental hazards do have an prominent role in the feng shui of your beautiful duplex triplex apartment.
Layered houses having two or more layers, floors effect the feng shui of the whole house. While decorating and assigning rooms, using feng shui principles for duplex triplex apartments one must keep in mind usage and importance of the members in mind. While having a temple of religious place room at the ground level is best as it allows all the family members to participate and also acts as a protection symbol for the whole house from negative energies entering through the main door even a higher level would be fine if the low ground level has too much exposure from outside environmental in from of cemetery  dumping ground or prohibited ground. It is good to give the highest level to the most important prominent most earning member of your home, or in hierarchy of position. usually the upper level is given to children as they can play and have their private space without hindrance to their creativity, and also not get tired hopping up and down many times!.
Kitchen being on the floor level is considered best for easy availability of food and allows chi entering from main door to replenish energy of your home. It is very important to avoid having water closet, bathrooms facing the main door even if it is on another duplex level. Usually in duplex and triplex apartments there are bathrooms on each floor levels and hence keeping the doors closed after use will prevent chi and wealth from going down the drain.
Facing cemetery is a very bad feng shui position for any home to face and must be avoided in all cases. Dumping grounds are another very bad feng shui places which not only give a very unattractive view but also emit gases and hazardous fumes which enter your home. If the dumping ground is right in front of your main door you will ave to change the direction of your main door. For breaking  the negative energy coming from outside you may plant tall thick foliage trees which will cover the view coming from outside. for the fumes and gases you will have to always burn incense and fragrant sprays come handy to keep your environment healthy.
Cemetery facing triplex or duplex apartments would have the view from above which is not good especially when you come home after a tired day of work or while waking up in the morning. Blocking the view by screens and window films is the best way. tinting windows has become quite reasonable and with coloured films of different thicknesses and colors you can choose dark colored films for windows that will block the view or white privacy screens which when covered on the windows will block the total view from outside. A air purification equipment and air conditioners can do wonders in such environments.
For the outside do try to change the direction of the path if possible by planting colorful fragrant flower borders that will focus on your home rather than the other views. Your name plate must be prominant colors and it is also a very good important feng shui tip to have strong symbols for protection on main door from outside negative energies.
In such homes time and again keep purification rituals going on by using salt cures, burning incense and also meanwhile do try to shift as such places as soon as possible , as are not considered good  feng shui. Also try to clear the dumping grounds around your home with other house keepers and there are many examples where people have actually converted a dumping ground into beautiful gardens planting flowering and fruiting trees.
Thank You!