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Friday, March 29, 2013

Oak Furniture as Feng Shui Cure Why Buy Genuine Oak Mirror

Oak furniture as feng shui cure, wood  the element representing growth and oak furniture a great feng shui cure for many health and wealth problems.
Having Genuine oak mirror and oak furniture plays an important role in feng shui energy of your home and office. Oak mirrors are very beautiful and with the sturdy frame on the oak mirror we bring in wood energy which is very important for stability and growth.
Wood represents growth and is best element for east and south. Hanging a oak mirror on the south wall of  your home or office attracts positive fame and recognition energy into your life. A great frame of oak would also add up to the strength and stability aspect with brown color.
Oak furniture designs not only look good but also bring in the ethnic and raw rural feel into your home with shades of brown in furniture. Not only does the designer oak furniture fit into any interior decor but also the wooden feel gives us loads of options in decorating our home with colorful accessories and wall paints.
Oak mirror , as  any mirror in feng shui acts as powerful feng shui cure for many things in life, when hung in the passage will increase the size of the narrow  passages making it feel more spacious and when hung in the south fame area will encourage fame energy.
Mirrors are also used to block off negative energy  and powerful tools for reflecting back all  negative energy from your home and office. Installing a large oak mirror on the dining room table wall ensures the home will never have less.  More food means more abundance according to Chinese philosophy.
Genuine oak or teak wood furniture as compared to other fancy cheap furniture has much more positive energy and stability.
Having wood  oak furniture in the east section of your living room will attract good health and improve relationships with elders and family members and also improve health of the inmates.
Use wood oak teak wood furniture judiciously as feng shui cures in your home  to attract peace, prosperity and good health and wealth.
All the Best!

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