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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feng Shui Painting Tips for Purple and Black Wall Color Symbolism

Purple wall color is a way to bring attention and royalty to your home. Elegance and style is represented by color black. Symbolism with color purple connects to the past history where royal people and rich people used to wear purple velvety robes. High priests and top position people adorned purple colored clothes in silk. Since then purple color has become synonymous with royalty and class.
In Feng shui the purple color has its own importance and symbolism. having purple color walls or any artefact in the room indicates richness and royalty. It definately improves the aura of the room or office and lends an added touch of class. Purple color rules the east section of your home and having purple here would boost your family relationships, elders relationships and health.
Color purple as it represents wealth and richness can also be used in the south east to attract feng shui money wealth luck. Abundance , prosperity and wealth, so also the color black indicates royalty , no wonder uber class people buy black Mercedes.
On the other hand having too much purple is sometimes considered harmful as it leads to feelings of depression, lethargy and lonliness, don't know exactly but is mentioned in color symbolism. Black as was in olden times,  considered something evil and bad, negative energy, was a color which was thoroughly avoided every where.
Today we find people are more open to wall colors and with the variety of wall paints available and great wall color shades we are even comfortable with color black. Black highlights in accents as cushions, upholstery curtains and leather sofa sets instantly improves the look of your home and office.
With choosing wall paints purple and black according to feng shui consider the colors of the Ba Gua, feng shui colors can be used as guidance only and if you love them, purple and black colors on walls, you can have them on your walls, and if you are not comfortable with any color do not use it as it will only make you feel uncomfortable and restless.
Usually purple is best used as highlights on single textured walls or single wall color and the rest of the room can be a subdued tone of off white to balance the energy, though we are now seeing more and more purple rooms in most homes now. Black similarly may not look good for the whole room walls but in case you are comfortable you may add a single wall with this color and add paintings or any decorative piece of artefact here, as black color accentuates the beauty of any object and acts as a wonderful background color.
More and more black bathrooms tiled, black and white preferably are ruling the interior decoration market today. The famous check style is again back with lines and geometry in black and white. As for wall colors black must be used sparingly as too much will create a gloomy environment, and black often repels, you don't want to drive away everyone from your home!  It is best to add touches of golden color if you are going in for single textured grey black walls.
Feng shui is all about balance and positive feelings,  wall paints bring fresh energy to your home, do not implement and feng shui principle or cure if you are not comfortable with it, if it does not feel right at first, it definately is not!
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Thank You!

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