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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Improve Work Relationships with Employer Feng Shui Tips for Male and Female Bosses

Improving work relationships is one of the most sought after need of the time. As we all know how the boss rules our work life and job promotions using simple feng shui tips you can improve relationships with your bosses and colleagues.
In feng shui there are different power positions areas in your office and home.Power positions are those areas which when activated by using simple feng shui cures bring about good luck and attract positive energy in your life. Each room has its own power positions as of the head of the family and every member of the family. As the male head rules the far left corner of the room when entering the female rules the south west area of your room. The eldest son rules the east section and so on. When these areas are activated they bring about harmony and peace and every task goes on smoothly. Every member of the family, each individual, can improve relationships within the family as well as with others social circles around them.

Female bosses as many employees say, are either very dominating, arrogant and irrational,or very emotional and empathetic  either ways not good for work relationships and work place environment. If you have a female boss activate your south west area with chandeliers, crystals or anything shiny that will keep reflecting energy around. You may also add a globe for career luck here to bring good business and promotion.

In case you have a male boss you need to activate the north west area with crystal globe or books of knowledge. this will improve relationships with your boss and also invite good promotions and business luck.
For using feng shui cures you may add a bamboo plant on your work table and also a glass of water covered  on the left side, preferable or any side comfortable to you,  of your work table to attract good business luck.
Remember feng shui cures will not work magic it will only attract the extra energy required to give you a work push, the rest is up to you, how your work towards achieving your goal. You will find new energy, new helpful guides  in your boss, mentor luck,  and also business opportunities and offers, it is then for you to act.
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Thank You!

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