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Monday, November 10, 2014

Red Silk Ribbons a Great Feng Shui Cure for Good Luck Uses of silk Ribbons in Feng Shui Cures

Red Silk ribbons, red and orange tussles have been used in most feng shui cures. Even the most traditional Tibetan culture Ashtamangala eight auspicious symbols for complete good luck are always tied with red silk ribbons.
In feng shui the color red has strong symbolism and can be used to activate the energy many times more than without the use. Red color is an energy color and used to multiply the energy many folds.
This is also a very powerful symbol of fire energy.
Hence to activate the wealth sector of your home Chinese good luck bamboo plants are tied with red ribbons, Even other feng shui cures are also tied like feng shui bell, evil eye cure and the feng shui mirrors and many more, the reason being that it activates the feng shui cure immediately and brings about change.
While using color red in homes or in apparels always be careful that this is a strong energy color and those who suffer from anxiety, anger, blood pressure,  and other emotional diseases and problems can get aggravated with being around more of red. Even if the area falls in south sector try to go to the next closest energy color, orange and yellow or golden. They will have the same energy effects , and yet be soothing to your eyes and body.
The best feng shui cure for attracting wealth into your lives, a red purse, and keep good luck coins tied with red ribbons inside to welcome more money coming your way!
Feeling Blessed 

Greedy Dragons of Fame

Tangerines Goodluck 
All the Best from Rizwana!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng shui!
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All the Best from Rizwana!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

House at Dead End of Hallway Wall in front of main door Ultimate Poison Arrow Energy 7 Feng Shui Cures

House at Dead End of Hallway Wall in front of main door  Ultimate Posion Arrow Energy Feng Shui Cures
What if your main door has a wall in front and as each day you open and close the door you are faced with the wall. There may be a passage way or hallway or a turn where you have the path but the wall produces ultimate shar energy that affects not only your mind but also your whole family health,wealth and productivity. Another problem comes when your home is at the end of the hall way, that is lined home doors of neighbors and your home falls the last then as the feng shui chi enters the hallway nourishing the houses one by one till ti reaches the end it is very much diluted and thus affecting your wealth and prosperity in a very strong way.
Such house locations show in various energy problems- lack of work, lack of money, missing opportunities, always feeling strain with finances, incoming money very low, frustrations with efforts not recognized, feelings of depression, mental sicknesses, irritability among relationships and so on.
Such house locations and decor arrangements may show their effects in your life in many many ways.

House at Dead End of Hallway Wall in front of main door  Ultimate Posion Arrow Energy Feng Shui Cures
House at Dead End of Hallway Wall in front of main door  Ultimate Poison Arrow Energy 7 Feng Shui Cures -
1) Color the wall white or bright color.
2) Have a painting depicting vastness like landscape with open sky.
3) Hang a mirror on the wall so that the beauty inside the home is reflected as double also in front. Be sure to have some good object reflected like symbols of wealth and prosperity.
4) Put tall green Chinese Good Luck Bamboo plants to bring in nature luck into your home.
5) Use light effectively, have bright lights above your main door and also in front of your door so that as anyone enters the hallway they can see your home even if it is at the end.
6) Hang a feng shui evil eye cure.
7) Hang a metal bell outside your main door handle.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, November 3, 2014

How to Purify Your Oven Modern Cooking Appliances Equipments with Feng Shui

Purifying Oven and Modern Cooking Appliances Equipment  with feng shui, as we and all feng shui practitioners advise to strongly avoid electrical equipment for cooking food, today we really may not have an option with so many modern cooking ranges and microwave ovens in every modern homes.
Contemporary modern homes have electrical appliances and cooking ranges with micro wave ovens, electrical gadgets, grills and many other ways to cook food.
Try to avoid cooking in micro wave as the radiation is not such a good energy for your health.
Feng shui for micro waves and cooking ranges -
Feng Shui Ovens Microwave Gas Cooking Ranges
1) Keep your cooking equipment clean, and working condition. Blocks in these indicate block in incoming wealth and work opportunities.
2) Green, the color of nature helps to control emitted radiations thus try to inculcate green as covers , for your electrical oven or cooking ranges.
3) wood another very powerful element that can help to prevent electrical radiations from such requirements. Have a wooden board, partition or block in between or cabinets where you store these modern cooking equipment.
4) Micro wave oven represent fire energy so best placed in south.
5)Avoid having modern cooking equipment, micro wave oven near fridge or wash basin.
6) Unplug the equipment after every use as the plug on will continue to take electricity and also spread charged radiation energy around.
Feng shui health has food that are as close to natural as possible. Fire has been used traditionally to cook food. and still many feng shui practitioners suggest to avoid installing modern cooking equipment in home kitchen. If you have try to minimize cooking in micro wave ovens and make sure to cover them after every use in green colored wooden objects.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Your Trash Can and feng shui Important Tips for Garbage Dust Bins Trash Cans

Feng shui for your trash can can affect your wealth, happiness and fame and recognition , relationships and prosperity. Here I share some very important points for Trash cans and garbage bins.
1) Colors toned down and not very bright. Garbage is waste that goes away from your home and has to be in light colors as it must not draw a lot of attention. 
2) Always keep trash clean, LOL, not that you avoid keeping trash in but after use always clean it or have a disposable garbage bag inside the bin.
Feng Shui Trash Cans Dust Bins Tips
3) Stinking and broken lid trash cans must be changed. It attracts disease, flies as well as ugly gestures from neighbors and passers by!
4) Never place trash cans in front or side of neighbors doors. This is a bad habit and even if the entrances of your neighbours meet you must avoid to place two trash cans side by side. Keep it at a distance or lower. 
5) Check where the garbage area falls , never in wealth and relationships  sector. Place garbage in any area but avoid strongly south, south east, north sectors. 

6) Use trash cans of adequate sizes, overflowing garbage form cans can prevent happiness and wealth coming your way!
7) Use color, shape and modern feng shui symbolism to use your trash can to attract peace and happiness. No wonder baby trash cans have cartoon characters and fairy tales images and we also see lot of cheery yellow, vibrant red and royal blue trash cans , designer funky trash cans, modern feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!