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Monday, November 3, 2014

How to Purify Your Oven Modern Cooking Appliances Equipments with Feng Shui

Purifying Oven and Modern Cooking Appliances Equipment  with feng shui, as we and all feng shui practitioners advise to strongly avoid electrical equipment for cooking food, today we really may not have an option with so many modern cooking ranges and microwave ovens in every modern homes.
Contemporary modern homes have electrical appliances and cooking ranges with micro wave ovens, electrical gadgets, grills and many other ways to cook food.
Try to avoid cooking in micro wave as the radiation is not such a good energy for your health.
Feng shui for micro waves and cooking ranges -
Feng Shui Ovens Microwave Gas Cooking Ranges
1) Keep your cooking equipment clean, and working condition. Blocks in these indicate block in incoming wealth and work opportunities.
2) Green, the color of nature helps to control emitted radiations thus try to inculcate green as covers , for your electrical oven or cooking ranges.
3) wood another very powerful element that can help to prevent electrical radiations from such requirements. Have a wooden board, partition or block in between or cabinets where you store these modern cooking equipment.
4) Micro wave oven represent fire energy so best placed in south.
5)Avoid having modern cooking equipment, micro wave oven near fridge or wash basin.
6) Unplug the equipment after every use as the plug on will continue to take electricity and also spread charged radiation energy around.
Feng shui health has food that are as close to natural as possible. Fire has been used traditionally to cook food. and still many feng shui practitioners suggest to avoid installing modern cooking equipment in home kitchen. If you have try to minimize cooking in micro wave ovens and make sure to cover them after every use in green colored wooden objects.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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