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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Most Important Wealth Cure in Feng Shui Gas Burner and Feng Shui Best place for Gas Burners in Feng Shui

Gas Burners Gas Stoves and Cooking Ranges in Feng Shui
Gas burners, raw flame, the glowing clear flame, bluish red, looks beautiful and has great feng shui. Fire in Feng shui symbolizes wealth. From first feng shui masters have always encouraged cooking food on fire.
Today however we see a lot of  cooking ranges, electric hot plates and ovens that have completely replaced the traditional fire, Gas. Cooking by burning wood was the best energy that made the food good , charged with positivity for health and attracted wealth.
Feng shui is always about balancing the elements and nature , and being as close to nature as possible.
Fire symbolizes  wealth and prosperity, as in Traditional Chinese homes fire burning in kitchen symbolized that food was abundant there and being cooked for the family. This is a symbol of wealth and have been carried on till today.
Gas burners in feng shui have an important role in your wealth coming in. This actually means sources of income also. Hence the many burners in kitchen the many sources of incoming wealth open up.
1) Chocked, blocked, rusted and broken gas burners indicate irregular and difficulty in earning wealth by inmates of the home.
2) Too many Gas burners that are never lighted or used is indication of many options to earn but under utilized opportunities.
3) very small  burners again are not good feng shui as they take a long time to cook even small quantities of food, thus indicating more effort required to earn even little amount of money.
4) It is good to have different sized burners, that help to conserve gas, as small amounts of food can be cooked on small gas burners. This indicates judicious and proper utilization of wealth and opportunities.
5) Always use all the available gas burners every day to keep the energy and wealth coming in. You can rotate or alternatively use one or other burner in case you cook less on this fire, but it is important that every day at least one gas burner is lit/used for some time for cooking.
The Kitchen feng shui lays importance on placing fire and water properly for good health and wealth. While water (wash basin) and fire (gas stoves) are never to be placed side by side or opposite to each other you can put them at an angle so that the energies don't clash. A triangle shape formed is the best feng shui arrangement, with refrigerator, gas stove and wash basin.
Fire element rules here, the South, fame recognition and desire to achieve and work. South , South east all can benefit from fire element. Avoid fire in north sectors and northwest as the corresponding elements here are water and wind, both not good for fire.
Three Gold Coins of good Luck, Feng Shui small Painting Acrylic on paper , Rizwana A. Mundewadi

All this Happiness...Feng Shui Painting on Photo Paper, Rizwana A. Mundewadi
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!


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