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Monday, November 2, 2015

Wooden Wrist watches, Modern Contemporary Watches Great Feng Shui Energy Wrist Watches in Wood

Wooden Wrist watches on Etsy
Wooden watches, wow Awesum, feng shui Earth and wood energy together in such a beautiful way, all the way leading to good luck!
Wood is a beautiful element that represents growth and energy in feng shui. As water nourishes wood,it is good to select blue and dark colored watches, of course apart from the lovely earthy browns!
Wrist watches have been trendy and even though we now get to see time in so many different ways ( mobile, tab and all devices!), the wrist watch till rules in our apparel and fashion industry.
Wrist is a throbbing pulse part of the body that continuously gets energy from the element it is connected to. Yes metal is good as time and money are linked in feng shui. Do keep a check on your writs watch, it has to be good fitting , comfortable and always working on time, neither ahead nor slow.
Watches and clocks affect your whole life, your work and your relationships. The individual who is always on time and works according to time schedules has more success and attracts prosperity.
I have always observed that the homes with great wall clocks and individuals wearing watches, that are always clear and working on time look more confident, successful and always in control of their life.
Loved this wooden watch on Etsy,!
Wood element activated by growing plants, greens, but yes, can be incorporated in so many ways to attract good health and wealth and this sure is one of a beautiful way!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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