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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Experiment this for bedroom feng shui, Choosing Feng shui Bedroom Paintings and Art tips

The Irregular Pots, a Feng shui Bedroom Painting Love
 Experiment and try out, it works! I did this, it really is scary to try out bedroom feng shui checks. So for a few weeks hung some paintings that denoted single energy, yes they were all beautiful paintings, lucky symbols but single. There were single flower, single pot, single square, so suddenly the energy shifted from that of love to restlessness and argumentative one. Feng shui is a powerful science and for those who have suffered know and for those who have witnessed magic know!
The human brain views symbols and as I always say surround yourself with symbols of happiness. You have a choice.
Some important tips for bedroom feng shui-
1) Think of the space utility, it has to project a pair of energy always. Avoid single pots, single flowers, single vases, single tree, any image single on your walls brings that type of feng shui energy.
2) Check the position of bed, have a supportive head rest and hang a beautiful painting depicting love.
3) Choose the colors of love and life in paintings for bedrooms. Pink, oranges, red, and green all depict life and love.
Cubism abstract painting, Blue Bird of Good Luck and The Orange Bird of Wealth
4) Avoid dark gloomy colored paintings. Storms, drought, war etc, Dull, muddy and confusing abstracts paintings must be avoided in bedrooms.
5) Choose happy emotions in paintings.  Sad people, lonely couple, frustrated losing hope emotions depicted in paintings must be avoided for bedrooms, in fact for any space in your home!
6) Think in pairs, be area specific! Collect all items, even furniture in pairs. In fact going with feng shui principles never let anything be single, even coins for goodluck and that lucky coins in your wallet I always mention, keep them two or more, money never likes to be alone!it goes away..
7) Avoid clutter of paintings in bedroom. Yes you may love art but having too many with all walls covered with create a stifling energy and the other partner may feel uncomfortable and neglected.  At least leave one wall blank.
Please do not experiment with feng shui of bedroom, it has drastic serious effects, may lead to separation or extreme cases break the relationship! Use with care!

All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!
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