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Monday, October 5, 2015

Biggest Bedroom Feng Shui Going Wrong Buddha Paintings Feng Shui Tips for Hanging Buddha paintings

Feng Shui for bedroom Paintings
Art in feng shui has a major role to activate corners and element. Loving modern art and symbolic art today people love to buy spiritual paintings for bedrooms. Religious, symbolic, calligraphic art with religious texts, all need to be displayed carefully.
Understand the basic feng shui of your bedroom first. The purpose of your bedroom is one to relax, recharge your batteries that are drained everyday while you go out for work. After facing  a tiring, hard day each one of us wants to enter a bedroom that is inviting, soothing and relaxing.
While in feng shui we lay a lot of importance on paintings displayed above your bed head rest, remember for bedroom all objects always in pair,  the major biggest mistake people do is hang religious and spiritual art here.
One example , look at the above image that I clicked in a feng shui loving couple's bedroom.  The representing energy is soothing, relaxing but not so good for the newly married couple. People hire interior home decorators who have absolutely no knowledge of feng shui and just choose paintings according to their knowledge of spiritual art.
Images displayed in your bedroom have a great effect on your psyche and send these unconscious messages to your brain which in turn , converts this to reality. Let me explain this Buddha artworks in detail, symbolic images of Buddha and  spiritual art send out messages of simplicity, sometimes celibacy and leaving home in the path of spirituality. They also indicate less interest in worldly ,matters and leading a life of detachment, all this that is not good feng shui for family, married people, especially, people newly married and in beginning of  life.
Now these painting are in pair, but the type of feng shui energy coming is not what we suggest for bedrooms. Buddha paintings go really well for north east sectors which is one of the important centres for self revelations and self realisations.
Choose bedroom  paintings carefully, try to have some pinks, reds and oranges to keep your life healthy , active and very much in love, whatever age you both are in!
All this Love, feng shui reiki healing painting for bedrooms Rizwana Mundewadi

Modern feng Shui painting for bedroom, "Designer Hearts" Rizwana Mundewadi

Another beautiful bedroom painting, "Happiness" 
All the Best from Rizwana!

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