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Monday, September 28, 2015

Why do we need Right Feng Shui Understanding Chi Energy of The Universe

Feng shui the science of placement of objects in harmony with the five elements roots down to thousands of years. The simple explanation put up can be when things flow along with the energy of the Universe there is harmony balance and easy luck. There is a flow going on in the energy fields every where within us and outside us and when this is in harmony we are at peace.
The Tao symbol Yin and Yang is what comes as a   simple example to understand all life forces and chi. There is always the movement going on from Yin to Yang, from inaction to action, from up to down, from white to black, from night to day. Hardly does the universal force be quiet as there is always movement going on. The female and the male energy, passive and active forms, are essential for harmony and peace prosperity. The wrong acts of human energy stops, hinders this movement causing imbalance and thus struggles in life energy.
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Why do we block this energy, that is free from the source, unlimited from the universe, with little knowledge, thus resulting is life energy drain and blockages in progress. The energy is broken down and spread unwisely everywhere instead of replenishing the body and soul. It is here that the right knowledge and right feng shui helps.  
The knowledge of Yin and Yang helps to understand each and every object, energy as of two forms, moving , changing, and the individual who learns to balance this is at peace and naturally flowing along with the universal life force. It is with this that the healers spread energy and become pure hollow channels to spread happiness. That which many unknowingly block out and thus do not experience,  understand the magic of the universe.
Once you understand the simple principles of feng shui life becomes beautiful, no doubt there may be ups and downs but you know and understand that every inaction and action mostly depends upon you and your responses, your actions. Understanding elements helps the universe to allow you to lead a healthy beautiful life with nourishing chi in and around you.

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