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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Do feng shui cures back fire? Bad Feng Shui Energy Wrong Placement of Your Simple Fish Tank Wealth Cures

how your feng shui cures back fire energy, yes this is what I am noticing more and more in homes. Reading a few tips on feng shui people go about spending lots of money in refurbishing their homes and add beautiful costly feng shui cures.
And then wait, but nothing seems to work. In fact it so happens that they have disturbed an already flowing income sector and blocked it with a fish tank or a plant that is creating more shar energy than good chi.
Do feng shui cures back fire? Not in most cases but only when they are put in totally wrong places that create confusion in the energy of elements dominating there. Example for fame  and recognition sector we have the strongest dominating element fire and when people unknowingly put fish tanks here to activate this luck for name fame and recognition, they are in fact keeping water here. Yes there are fishes who activate this luck, golden ones, koi fishes, that will help too attract some luck but in few months the energy may go stagnant, and what about fishes dieing in this sector?
Then the disturbed energy affects the mind and life of the inmates adversely. Many feng shui masters advice to put fish tanks any where to activate wealth luck and people follow this unknowingly how it will affect in long term their lives.
Feng shui fish tank cures going wrong reasons
Then I see people leave their  large sized fishtanks as they are unable to  care for the fishes. Sometimes it so happens that the tanks are so dirty with worms as the people have just left them without any decision on their costly tanks.
This is when feng shui cures back fire! any object or feng shui cure not activated and used is clutter. This accumulated clutter , every time you view this , brings a pang of pain in your heart for your wrong financial decision.
And then they dont even remove this as lots of money is involved and resale value is nil of second hand decor items and goods.
It is thus better to choose your feng shui   simple cures carefully especially the fish tank cure as this one involves regular maintenance and proper energy care.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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