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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Feng Shui Tips to Sell your home faster Home Staging

 Feng Shui Tips to Sell  your home faster, Home Staging, would help out when you have selected to move on to  a new house, and you wish to sell your old house or property soon.

Upholstery sofa furniture
Inviting Living Room
Usually people moving on to new homes spend a lot on the new property and wait to sell off the old one soon. Buyers come and buyers go and no deals are finalized. The old home is left closed, unclean or in neglect most often. People justify this by saying that we are as  it is going to sell this property so why send even a dime here.  And thus they do get buyers but they will valuate your home for  much less amounts and you are stuck up  with either selling for very less  or waiting for the right client.
 One of the reasons here may be your home is not in good condition. Home staging is one of the most in thing today and there are many individuals as well as companies who guide you for home staging.
Home staging is an art.  The same house where  you have lived in, done away with the leaking pipes  and not given a second glance over the leakages pouring from your walls, the same entrance with dried plants or old rack with stuff to be removed, shoe racks overflowing with old shoes not used since years,  cracked artefacts still holding the same central place in your living room....yes so while you feel you feel this is a lived in home, when you are out to sell this place people do not like this at first glance.
Colorful Cushions Pillows
Feng shui energy here may be a bit dull and stagnant. Moving some  energy that has been lying since years and bringing some simple changes will uplift the place and bring in some fresh positive energy tot eh same existing place.
Feng shui is all  about energy , placement of furniture in the right way, and simple changes brought about in the same existing environment will make this deal faster and get good money for  your property. Follow simple feng shui tips and sell your old house or property faster and at  a better price.
1)  Entrances and doorways , clutter clear. If possible have some fresh plants or  silk flowers here  when the clients are visiting.
2) If possible repaint the house. You can in cheaper quality paint refurbish your house in very less  money. This will also conceal ugly leakages  and stained walls. lean it and then present it.
3)  Not possible to repaint, try shifting furniture too hide off some of the ugly parts  of your house.
4) Be sweet with your buyers, they would not like to deal with arrogant and gloomy people.One persons arrogant talk and there  go your clients  to  another property. Be  prepared to negotiate.  Most of the stuck up property deals are because of this reason.
Fresh Green Plants
5) Your personal problems are not what the clients want to hear. Be as  comfortable and relaxed  as possible.  No one wants to buy from a seller who is in debt or facing financial problems.
Home staging is an art. A simple way to present a product to the buyers in an attractive way. This in no way means that you have to spend a lot of money. Just by keeping the house clean and well maintained and with happy sellers the deal goes off well.
My home staging we do not mean to bluff anybody or fool anyone.  This is not the right way as whatever we do comes  back to us in some way or the other. Usually buyers always repaint and renovate bought houses and it is a fact that they will never stay in as is where is basis. They are as usual    going to shell the walls,  make new furniture and even go as far as change the maindoors and windows.
So  home staging is a temporary step you go about for getting the right price for selling your old house  and that too sooner. Some colorful cushions, some fresh plants and some fresh fragrances, air fresheners, would make the place inviting and client ready to buy.

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