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Monday, November 11, 2013

White color attract good luck in our life with feng shui Classic White Feng Shui Symbolism

Classic white kitchen decor
Attract good luck, peace, helpful friends, travel luck and harmony with white color. Feng shui symbolism for using white has great many symbolic uses. Yes white was in earlier days symbolic of mourning and death as widows wore white, it was an absence  of color in life.
Now   as  we are moving from this traditional superstitions we are also opening up to new hidden symbolism in different colors and meaning  of  colors.
White poolside furniture
When we talk of white is merely indicates an absence  of color, colorless. When we  study color theory we  understand that the color white is in fact a combination of all colors of the spectrum.
It has its own identity and uniqueness and feng shui lays importance on this soothing, serene color , white, to attract and use as feng shui cures for many problems in life.
When any object of white or metallic white is placed in the north west area it will attract the energy of getting helpful friends and mentor luck into   your life. Travel luck can also be enhanced by using wind chimes of steel or aluminum, white metal.
White background paintings
While the fifth wall, most often never mentioned was and is most of the times painted white,  ceilings are often painted white to make the room appear larger in size and the ceiling higher than it actually is.  Paintings are also very often added with moldings and extra backgrounds of white colored paper to bring out the beauty of the artwork.
White garden furniture
 Garden furniture, made of wrought iron is often colored white to bring out a happy serene relaxing atmosphere in the garden.
Pearls and Diamond in White sterling Silver Necklace
 Diamonds, the beautiful sparkling  gemstones, who can argue to beauty and rarity of the white stones.  As diamonds are rare and costly they again represent power, style and status.
White Marble Sculptures of Goddess  Saraswati the Goddess of Knowledge

Classic white poolside furniture also brings in a serene feeling along with the quietness  of the sky and the soothing blue of the sea. Many people also opt for classic white sofa sets and cushions of white to make the place to look elegant and in style. White is considered  to be of royal class, a symbol of high status.
White Sofa sets white cushions
Spiritual Gateway symbolic oil painting on canvas Year 2000
Feng shui kitchens are best in classic white and red as white brings out the true colors of vegetables and fruits and attracts good health and happiness.
White in not an absence of color it is in fact a combination of all colors in its best. Add white in any form into your home and see the positive energy flood at your home and office. The best feng shui sector to add white color is , it will work in any area, but more so in the north and north west.
Enjoy purity and serenity of white.
All the Best!


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