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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feng Shui Tips for empty houses Empty House Feng Shui Understand energy of empty houses

Feng shui for empty houses is another area which is never thought of and discussed. As we all pay lots of attention ont eh feng shui energy of homes, our rooms and offices hardly we  ever pay attention to empty new homes or closed homes which are empty without any furniture. The chi here may be moving or stagnant depending upon the surroundings and even though the house may be an investment property , land or villa it sure has an energy field of its own. Simple feng shui tips can be followed to keep the empty house with positive chi feng shui energy. 
An empty house, a strong symbol of yin, negative dark energy, while the home you stay in has appropriate furnishings , furniture decor, all this is essential for the energy of your home and office.You have it renovated in every few years, add a few touches, color paint, furniture, artefacts, paintings,  to improve the energy of your home thus affecting your personal and financial life chi.
In case of investment properties and closed homes, usually left empty there is strong yin energy inside. As the doors are always kept  closed there is no movement of air and sunlight and thus making the energy accumulated and stagnant. It is advisable to frequently visit the house and open doors and windows to allow fresh energy in at interval of few months at least.
Accumulate dust is one aspect but stagnant energy may harm your life in other ways. While we do not have so much faith in spirits they do dwell in closed unused environments  and this energy has to be kept clean by visiting and cleaning the house regularly. Burn incense at each visit and while you keep the doors and windows open allow fresh air too circulate freely in the whole house. If possible do mop the floors with salt water and purify the place, thus opening the space for positive energy.
Gardens along with villas need to be kept in order and do not allow front gardens to grow taller than the house height.  In case you do not have a  maintenance person for your gardens here let the greenery  grow simple plants that will only cover the floor space and do not require care and trimmings or much watering. Keep the floor of your gardens, front of your villas and bungalows, clean from huge rocks and stones as this will some  how affect your life as  blocks in some aspect, be it career, relationships or wealth.
Feng Shui for Empty Houses and Properties Bungalows and Villas
It is also suggested by feng shui masters that protection of the main door is  very important whether you live or not in a house.  Even if the property is closed and the house is locked  do display symbols and religious symbols on the main door and windows for protection. Religious symbols can be hung made of metal or wood on the main door or handles of the main grill gate even. The swastika symbol, trishul, or christ cross, God idols, Lord Ganesha, Lord Tirupathi, whatever your religious beliefs are.  It is also advisable  to keep  some bird houses that will allow birds to nest keeping the chi fresh and moving here in closed properties. 
While visiting the place, empty houses,  purify the house first and then take possession or begin staying here. Many people also have chanting of hymns or pujas once a year even for closed  empty houses and properties. Finally if you are again going to keep the house closed it is best to burn out all fires of yagnas and incenses as  this is potential risk. Salt  is very important feng shui cure , keep bowls of salt near entrances  and windows from inside house before locking the place again.
Always remember  there   is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for  everything else  there  is feng shui.
All  the Best!

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