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Monday, November 4, 2013

Simple Feng Shui Color Guidelines for Each Direction of Your Home Wall Painting

Simple Feng Shui Color Guidelines for Each Direction of Your Home painting will help you to select appropriate colors following feng shui guidelines to attract prosperity and harmony into your home.
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While many people who are about to begin painting or renovating their home want to apply simple feng shui they can select appropriate feng shui directions best colors and thus bring in harmony, peace and good luck into their homes.  Also  adding a few highlights in form of appropriate feng shui colors you can effectively use color as feng shui simple cures to attract prosperity and good luck.
Basically a Ba Gua map , feng shui simple sections map with nine sections,  has different priority locations and it is divided according to the directions, east, west, north and south. Again refining the searches comes the finer sections like the south east- north east, south west-north west, etc.  Simple divide your home accoding to nine sections approximately using a compass and jot down these simple feng shui color guidelines and then begin painting, and welcome good luck, great health and money into your life!

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 In simple terms feng shui masters  used to apply this guidelines according to the entrance door and the left  side extreme  corner after entering your home is the most luckiest section, prosperity position in your home. Usually after analyzing this comes to the north east sector,   the area for the owner  of the house or the earner of the family, and highlighting this most important section in your whole house,  is supposed to bring in loads of luck and wealth. From here you take in the east, west,  north and south and the centre of   the home, again another most important place has to be always clutter free and clean. And this is painted in yellows, beige, creams off whites, soothing pastels.
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Simply divide your whole home into these feng shui sections on a paper  and then fill up the required corresponding feng shui best colors. Now you can proceed to refine your searches and select colors which you would like to have on your walls. Online color mixers and color match makers help a lot in selecting fresh new colors for home painting.
Sections of the Ba Gua directions in feng shui and their colors
1) East- Physical Health and family luck- Green, lime green, sap greens
2) South East-Wealth and Prosperity-Purple, blue,  Gold
3)South- Fame and recognition- Red, oranges, maroon, energy vibrant  colors
4)South West- relationships and love- Pink, magenta, peach,  light colors
5) Centre- spiritual health and well being- Cream,  Brown, Beige, off white, earth  colors
6)West- creativity and children-  White Silver Colors, pastel shades
7)North West- travel, helpful friends and mentor luck- Gray Mauve, Silver
8)North- career and job opportunities- Dark Blue, Black, silver
9)North East-education luck, knowledge and wisdom-  Blue Green

Corresponding colors with direction according to feng shui helps to attract positive energy into your home and life. Now with contemporary colors the customer is spoilt for choice. New  shade makers available, even online can allow us to make our own customized shades and also give our home a unique look. Color a life source like food is for body color has immense healing powers and required for the healing of the body and  soul.
One can select various contemporary shades for beautifying walls, and a range of designs , textures, and finishes are available in wall paints.
Sculpture of Horses in Gold Feng Shui prosperity Luck
Wall painting not only gives a  total make over to your home it also brings in loads of positive feng shui energy into your life.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All th Best!


  1. Yes, I think wall painting gives a total change to our house. It also brings positive energy into our life and our house looks very beautiful to us and to our guests.

    Sanola Jerry
    Plos Constructions

  2. Thank you Sanola for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures, yes I love what paintings can do to any space, beautify them, energise them.
    Take Care and All the Best!

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