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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Refurbish Your Home Office for Good Feng Shui Success

Many international companies hire professionals online and there are many couples who work from home to make a living without leaving the comforts of their home. Many people are now working from home and earning quite a lot in $ and Rupees. So far as the family is happy with the high income, everything seems fine at the front but problems begin to show when there is too much stress of work at home as well as house  responsibilities. Like in office you leave the office and go home, not the same for home offices, here you have to live with your work! 

Remember any energy left over time stagnates and needs a recharge. Simple refurbishing can do wonders to your home office and also work like magic for your mind and creativity. In case of coloring walls a fresh coat is always good after a few years. Moving furniture judiciously can also help move the energy and improve chi around  your home office.  Symbolism is a great way to welcome good health, wealth and prosperity into your life by decorating your home office  with some   great Healing paintings . 

Your home office must be in a separate room if possible if not try to buy a partition, either of  wood or cloth or convertible collapsible one also will do the purpose. 
Buy some green plants  lucky bamboo , snake plant, jade plant or peace lily plant to act as air purifiers and energy boosters in your home office.   Cheap and sure benefits.
Have some costly customized ergonomic furniture in your home office, you surely can't  replace  everything.  Refurbish it with a fresh coat of paint, sun mica or designer wall paper, colorful upholstery.

You will be astonished to see how clutter removal works to your mind and space. Clear this and see. your home office must be organized with cabinets and drawers that accommodate all your work materials. Do not carry, spread ,  your files, papers, documents all over the home place. Stationary and all required resources must be available in your home office and you need not go searching for a  pin or stapler in your home drawers. Just clearing clutter will bring fresh positive energy to your office.
For timely breaks, invested in an office lounge, recliner for your home office, try to refurbish this with a new cover or upholstery rexine.

Learn to pack up each day after work is finished even though you are not reporting to anyone. Cover your electronic gadgets and home office materials with any cloth if you cannot clear off everything at all times, invest in some fancy covers for lap tops, cushions and printers, it will bring out some more energy too your work space.
Home office Feng Shuii Rizwana Mundewadi 

You home office as well needs upliftment and improvement. If you do not wish to spend much on furniture and furnishings add a few new touches here and there by form of artefacts like pen holders, mobile covers, laptop stands,  printer covers, ergonomic  chair, etc   to improve energy here.
A simple feng shui tip while signing off, for increasing more wealth from work from home office, stick a few lucky Chinese   gold coins to your laptop or PC in red  ribbon, hidden from outside view. You may also stick coins to your printer if this is your business as work from home.
Goodluck Symbols 

Inspiring Abstracts 

Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.


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