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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Feng shui Tips MBA further studies foreign travel School interviews success

MBA and further studies, foreign study and traveling abroad for higher studies is a dream of many children, as well as their parents. While they keep planning for years to get into a reputed business school abroad ,   while all this hard work some simple feng shui tips can go along way into the success of facilitating to fulfill this dream. 
For school interviews success you can hang pictures of the reputed institutions which you wish to join before going for the interviews to improve your chances of getting selected. You may well in advance collect reputed schools magazines, and brochures, collect pictures from them and make a dream  magic board.
If possible you can go through the company profile and institution profile which you wish to join and get pictures from their magazines and put these up in the north section. Along side you can hang your picture so that the universe gets the message that you would be happy to belong here with this institution or company.
Global luck for success

Trying your hand at simple feng shui you will understated that luck favours those who keep working toward betterment of their position. So try upgrading your skills list and always keep upgrading your resume with new additions which will definitely lead to a higher position up the corporate ladder. And for the heaven and earth luck use feng shui cures. Results can be seen as soon within few weeks.
School interviews and job interviews the most stressful times in any family life are very important. We all know the happiness when parents or children get when they are selected to join a reputed school. And also when your are trying so hard to join a reputed company with a large payslip you try your best to get  selected. 
Simple feng shui tips when followed for preparing for your interviews will help you to hasten the selection process and also improve your chances of selection.
To speed up the school interviews and job interviews process you can activate the north west section with the same tips given above. This area is the mentors luck area which you will benefit from when you get helpful friends or colleagues who will guide you in your life. Unexpectedly you will find helpful guides and mentors who will help you out with the process.

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