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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trying for a New job Use Simple Easy Feng Shui

 Trying for a new job, a new career, business opportunities,  try simple easy feng shui for activating the career section of your life and attracting new job opportunities.
Activating the north section keep some round metal or shiny crystal objects to activate the chi here. The north section will also benefit by placing a small indoor fountain, with clean water, and keep it on every day for at least some time regularly for hastening up the interviews process. 
You can also have antique or show pieces that indicate your dream of becoming which ever field you choose. Sculptures, paintings, artefacts also work wonders in image building and its very easy when you ut an object in front to visualize this success in your life. For example a individual aiming to become a manager must hang a photograph of self in black or blue suit wearing a tie having a red background. Affirmations daily will help you to achieve this post in your life. 
For the Leader Boss, feng shui painting for promotion and success

Career section or area is most important. Look out for clutter in the north section of your home and living room or study room. Remove unnecessary books, papers, files lying in haphazard manner here and arrange according to the respective needs for you academic year. While you are trying for a new job try to remove clutter that reminds you of past failures or lost jobs. Keep all the past records arranged in files and do not ponder too much on the past failures be it school interviews or lost opportunities after job interviews. 

If possible you can go through the company profile and institution profile which you wish to join , before going for the job interview and get pictures from their magazines and put these up in the north section. Along side you can hang your picture so that the universe gets the message that you would be happy to belong here with this institution or company.
  All the Best!


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