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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Business Cards Feng Shui Cards and Lucky Business cards

Lucky business cards, yes there are some cards that bring instant recognition and luck in your profession and business. While we all know the importance of a business card in any professional field or product sale, the card itself is a part of you that you send out to people,  unknown people, strangers,friends  and relatives.
Your business card plays a very very important role in this case and the most easy and quick fix feng shui tip is to make a business or your position card according to your position. 
By selecting a costly business card will not assure success in your profession. And also letting the printer to select a business card for you is another big mistake. How will the printer know your nature your profession and what you wish to represent. No wonder we see so many flawed cards, extra bold cards for professionals do not go well down with the profession, like medical, and where this same bold funky card can do wonders for an advertising professional. 
Most of the times  when we speak of feng shui, fame and recognition people say red. It does not mean you select a red card for your post as an software consultant trying for a managerial position. If you are an marketing agent trying to rise and become an area manager or some one trying to go up the corporate ladder everyone knows that your business and position card represents you and gives a first impression about you. White always works for all with clear letters  and specific details. 

Make your front door, the business card,  attractive and also your name and address , your company address, clearly mentioned.

Try to keep your name on the left hand side of your card and select clear fonts as you want people to know you by your first name at a glance. Many people have cursive fonts and designer personal cards and then they do not know why people do not remember their names! 
Tall cards are thought to bring more success as  compared to small ones and landscape ones. Top most place for your personal name and position or profession. It is also advisable to have an image representing the products you represent or good  you wish to sell or have business.
Business Cards Feng Shui Simple Tips
Heaven Increases Success

While   simple feng shui explanations for your cards are there are no special rules or fix solutions for a business card. Having name in centre also makes you the center of attention everywhere.Select few colors and good quality card paper. The company's name under your name means the company comes second to you whereas the company name in bold large fonts and your very small name under may represent you are burdened by the company  or partners pressure.
Important tip, alwasy carry your business cards along with you everywhere, an extra few are never heavy, you never know which opportuntiy may knock for where!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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