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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Which Shape of Tortoise Finger Ring Helps to Attract Wealth Best Tortoise Finger Ring and Which Finger to Wear for Great Feng Shui

Unique tortoise shaped finger rings are rocking the  feng shui jewelry industry. Feng shui jewelry is an important part of attracting good feng shui chi to your personal chi thus bringing about happiness, wealth and success.
A simple tortoise shaped finger rings is used as a symbol for protection from negative energy and evil eye. It also as a symbol of good luck as tortoise are known to live for hundred years.
The best finger to wear tortoise shaped unique finger ring is the index finger. This indicates self directions and helps in self goals realization. Wear tortoise ring facing away from the body as tortoise with its hundred back hexagons, similar to feng shui Grid, Ba Gua,  is a Feng shui power symbol for protection.
Unique Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring with Gemstones for wealth

Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring for Protection
For attracting prosperity and wealth wear the Dragon Tortoise shaped finger ring this is worn facing coming towards your body.
For more information on tortoise shaped jewelry best tortoise shaped finger ring symbolism visit my blog Obsessed Over Stones.
Thank you and All the Best from Rizwana!

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