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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Shared Entrances Dilutes Chi Coming in and Some Simple Feng Shui Cures

Same entrance door to two houses feng shui is affected as the chi coming from the main door is divided unknowingly into two. Thus affecting health wealth finances and luck of both the houses.
If both are in same business and have equal number of family members with similar ages then its fine but if here there are a lot of differences then either one of them may be affected adversely and really badly. Just imagine a blast of luck coming in from the main door, it will get confused and also divide into two and go to the space more attractive or one that draws more of it.
This may be an example where long corridors from lift reach to two doors side by side. Then also joint families where every member enters from main door but have different homes inside. Then when there are dividers in between two rooms for different families who enter from one door.
1) The stronger family may take away all the luck.
Feng Shui Simple Cures
2)The family with one earner and if the second one two or more earners is also affected as the more earning members family takes away most of the chi coming in.
3) Negative energy coming in from any member may also affect the other family.
4) Opportunities and wealth may be affected, divided.
5) If this falls in relationships sector, south west, then family relationships, ladies of the house are adversely affected.
6) Avoid clutter, chi gets stuck up and does not get to move freely. So the house with clean energy will attract more positive energy  and the one with clutter will already be filled  so chi does not have space to  enter here.
Simple feng shui cures involve to protect chi from neutralizing, increase chi around main entrance and invite more chi inside the home.
Some feng shui cures for shared entrances-
1) Have green plants near the main door, this is really effective in neutralizing negative energy. And welcome prosperity.Then  at the entrance of your main door hang some bamboo shoots.
2) Salt is another very effective cure for protection.
3) Consider the door you enter your space as your main door apart from the common main entrance and activate this  with feng shui cures for main door.
4) Study the feng shui ba gua and see which sector falls and accordingly activate the feng shui of the house.
5) Use color, symbols and feng shui cures to attract prosperity, opportunities  , health and wealth.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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