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Friday, February 6, 2015

Feng Shui Wealth Fruits Grapes Cherries and Pomegranates Symbolism for Feng Shui Wealth and Money Luck My Feng Shui Paintings for Wealth

 Feng shui wealth and prosperity can be simply activated by placing fruits either fresh or artificial in the wealth and prosperity corner and wealth sector.
Cherry Tree Feng Shui Wealth and Prosperity
 Cherries and cherry tress are symbolic of great wealth and good luck and  placing some fresh or artificial cherries  in a bowl or planting a cherry tree in your garden is auspicious,  attracts wealth luck.
Grapes Excellent Feng Shui prosperity Wealth

Pomegranates a symbol of fertility invite feng shui energy baby luck
Pomegranates have loads of symbolic value. Not only in feng shui but also in other cultures and religions. This fruit with amazing number of juicy seeds are symbols of fertility and very good feng shui cures to attract baby child luck. Placing pomegranate fruits in bowl, paintings of this fruits in child luck sector invites baby luck into your life to welcome the new life in your family.
Displaying Fruits Feng Shui Wealth
 The feng shui golden basket has been a great feng shui cure used singe ages by traditional feng shui masters to help people attract wealth and prosperity. When placed correctly these amazing feng shui cures attract beneficial energy into your life and open new doors towards prosperity.
My Feng Shui Golden Basket, feng shui painting by Rizwana
All the Best from Rizwana!
Have a Prosperous 2015!
(The above painting, My feng shui Golden basket is available, request a price! or get one made customized according to your budget)

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