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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

8 Practical Workable Feng Shuii Tips for Improving Academic Performance and Confidence in Children

Academic performance in children brings stress to parents. While for every parent , their little bundle of joy is beautiful and intelligent, not all children are at the same level, each gem of a person is unique and comparing them is very bad. Low self esteem, low confidence and reduced motivation to work and study, parents today of young children and teens are facing this utmost important issue in life.With technology so fast and children day by day become distant even when living under the same roof, is a cause of worry.
Pink Wings of Confidence
Dropping academic grades and low performances in educational field , can be activated with using feng shuii cures.
Some respite , sharing here some tips , with my years of feng shuing, be open and receive whatever the universe offers you with open and pure intentions and heart.
8 Practical workable tips for children's and teen's room feng shuii-
1) Your child is unique. there are no standard feng shuii formulas that will activate academic success unless you keep in mind your child's, health, and personal mind status. Be grounded when expecting changes with feng shuii, which you will surely see.
2) Clutter is the major hurdle.   Always. While I know you cannot keep your child's room tidy spic and span, as that will be too yin for the children's room.You can train them to keep space in the room by collecting all toys, used things, clothes and all personal objects , each one with their own place . This space helps attract progress in their life.
The Teens Lilac Room

Green Growth Study table  Feng Shuii 

3) Keep  the educational feng shuii sector activated. You can have an educational luck tower. A motivational painting of super heroes. Their academic success medals or certificates displayed. their books and study material. the photos of colleges or professions they love. These  images immediately send message to their brains and this goes on a regular basis and gets embedded in their subconscious mind.
4) The study table is one of the most essential part of success in your child's life.Choose this carefully with feng shuii knowledge. Furniture well balanced keeping in mind feng shuii theory of elements in harmony. Wood is best for study tables.
5) The bed , one of the furniture that helps your child get rest, good sleep and wake up refreshed. see that it is safe, comfortable and has a good head rest-  as this indicates good feng shuiii support in life. Irritable cranky children show poor grades and one reason is not proper furniture and bed.
6) Feng Shuii simple cures that can be added to your child's room , but avoid fire and water- aqua success, for activating fame and career luck. For these use colors and shapes, symbols to activate life sector feng shuii.
7) It is very important that heavenly luck be on your child's side as well as earth luck. Activate feng shuii north west and south sectors.
8) One of the most important feng shuii sectors for child luck, creativity is west. keep it activated with circle shapes, metal colours and your child's drawings and home work achievements.I have  seen a lot of success when parents placed children's most loved toys, their dreams symbols and also super hero toys, this has brought out immense confidence in children.
Practical success will be seen fast if you let your child choose some things for their room. your interior decorator does not know what your child likes! Healing Art on their walls will also do the work for you! See that it is hung in a space where your child views it most of the times!Girls love baby pink!
Hope this helps! 
Let us cherish our little ones, friends and family. Let us be respectful, kind and forgiving to each other. Let us be filled with gratitude and gladness.
If I have ever hurt you, I ask for your forgiveness. If you have ever hurt me, you already have my forgiveness.

After all, our journey TOGETHER is so short!
Since the  year 2017 has ended and welcomed a new year , 2018,  I take the opportunity to pay my heartiest thanks to each one of you, my blog followers, readers, art buyers and google followers for their support, likes, comments and I have to the best of my knowledge answered every email and guided as the Universe offers, and hope to continue doing the same in year 2018.
Thanks a lot for being such an important part of  my spiritual journey, and I will keep sharing my healing, Feng shui advice,  and healing art to the best of my talent and abilities, Thank you All. 
All the Best from Rizwana!
A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018, to You and Yours!
Designed to Spread Happiness

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