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Friday, January 5, 2018

Today Chanced Upon Bind Runes! 8 Tips for Adding Wood in Feng Shuii

Today Chanced Upon Bind Runes!Blessings from my Tree! Importance of Wood in Feng Shuii | Rizwana A.Mundewadi's Razarts

Wood is a very important part of feng shuii. The most essential element and an important one for our life energy. Sad to say but wood is depleting from homes
gradually with technology over powering. we see a  lot of furniture made
from other materials to save the environment, and save trees. But wood is an
essential part of our lives. While
people are focusing more on career and wealth making, adding up metal feng shuii cures , wood is silently taking back stage in our lives.  We will feel the energy depleting, draining gradually  and with generations ahead people will  be more metal and
water-hard without emotions and feelings and not stable of firm, moving with
any direction , flowy like water.
Wood is the most important element in feng shuii as it symbolizes health and relationships. With the element ruling the east sector and also
southeast-wealth sector, we need to plant and grow more trees. Think
about not cutting trees but adding more trees!
In this urban sophisticate living decor how will you add wood?and increase the house
value and energy in wood element.
1) Add green live plants. some ornamental plants do not take much care and are happy
with less light. My Garden Care Simplified rants still
continue,, plant more of greens! Rubber Plant is best, Chinese Bamboo plants are so
beautiful, they grow like wild!Add two, pair, is best feng shuii. Try to avoid  cactus as it is mushy and does not indicate strength.
2) Add wooden objects and furniture. see that you have at least one real wood
furniture in your home in east sector. As we see most furniture today are made
of metal, plastic, hard board and Korean ply.(we searched the net and bought a
used table on OLX of wood, of course we have some precious old wood furniture
that is  like family,repainted this like new!)you can upcycle  old furniture pieces , or
refurnish these and save these. Get distressed old wooden furniture and paint or upgrade it.
3) Since plants are not allowed in bedroom, have green paintings,  trees art and
sculptures to bring the wood element. Avoid dried trees and barren
mountainous paintings. East feng shuii has sunrise and greenery. 
4) Simple way to add wood, choose wooden frames for paintings. What a beautiful way to dress up your art frames with wood. Ornamental wooden frames too are available and they will not only beautify your art but also increase the element energy value of your home and life
5) If you
are a total no no for plants and trees at home, some people do love minimalism,
go in for the wood symbol art. Colours and symbols representing wood element.The main reason why I began
painting symbols, was to clutter free space and add up healing elements energy. Leaving your floor space free for the zen urban sophisticate lady!
6) There is a prosperity  lucky place in your living room. Place a wooden chair and see
the magic of feng shuii! We did have a huge
rocking chair, we had to let go, but it is a good idea if you have a large living room to add a kings sized chair. The lucky corner is very precious in feng shuii and if the owner sits here frequently 
for at least some time of the day, you will see immense benefits in health , relationships, and wealth of family. 
7)There  are also ornamental wooden plant boxes and containers, planters, add these for
8) Weight and size matters! Wood must have its strong presence in your house if you need to
attract good health, good relationships and wealth. So heavy, furniture, maybe
a cupboard and table or a heavy chair, go in for this. 

The past few years living with plants and trees, the element Wood and Earth is a blessing  for us. Soon , next post,  will explain the benefits of Earth element in our home.
Hope this
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui-Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana! 
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    1. Hi Unknown, Thank you for coming by FengShui-SimpleCures! Glad you like my bog! Thanks for these helpful links, your website is Awesome! In Pune! All the Best from Rizwana!

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    1. Thank you Pankaj Kumar for liking my blog Feng Shui Simple Cures.

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