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Friday, February 16, 2018

Choosing Nails with feng shuii for Your House, Nails on Your Wall and Main door Feng Shuii

Recently analyzing feng shuii energy of a home was shocked!
House in concern was , the family was facing monetary issues, failing in business and the inmates were in constant bickering and arguments. Which was not as they say before coming in this house...
The first step, I always say in feng shuii, for homes, begin with positive intentions and just take a round of your home. In fact just everyone must do this in few months , or whenever you find imbalance or disharmony in your home.
There were nails!
Nails on feng shuii are very bad, and strong shar energy. they produce poison arrows that are so tiny sometimes yet, everyday exposure, are dangerous and can kill the inmates with its negativity.
Here we are concerned with modern decor and also wall hangings where in nails are hammered, but also some unseen nails. Yes, nails, I agree are so important to hang wall art, to display photographs and also to hang name plates on the main door.
Then there are also so many emails about hanging horse shoes on main door and how to ahng art on walls, keeping in mind feng shuii. To avoid all the mishaps of energy drain in feng shuii by nails, sharing here few practical, powerful, workable tips to choose nails according to feng shuii knowledge.
Choosing nails with feng shuii energy-
1) See that the size of the nails is proportionate to the task involved, large nails are shar and very small nails also produce negative energy when you are hanging a large object or frame.
2) The type, colour, and material of nail is important.Rusted nails must be avoided as they may break in some time soon. Especially when hanging horse shoe on main door, choose really good strong nails , other wise you may altogether fail in the energy for this beautiful cure.
3) Oh , the nail hurt while hammering!sometimes the tip is sharp, the nails also bend, break, this is not good feng shuii  energy. What most people/carpenters do, they hammer the nail again and use the same. Advisable to remove the bent, broken nail and use a fresh one. Damaged nails already have broken energy.
4) The head of the nail. This term is understood as the top portion, of the nail . This has to be smooth and even ,  to protect the pointed portion of the nail below.
5) Old nails,, people accumulate nails and of course we all have a tool box in every home, but before using the old nails just see  that they are not rusted and that the nails can hold the weight or purpose for which they are being used.
Meanwhile, was shocked with the survey of this house, that showed me clearly four extra nails on the top sides of the walls. These nails were heavy, large sized and were in the four corners of the house inside.
In another case I have also seen nails on the outside , exterior wall corner of the main door.
For this, you have to check unknown ,nails. Those which the home owners have not put up.These nails have to be removed carefully and also disposed off very carefully so that they do not spread any of the ill energy around others also.  Please do not reuse these nails, that you have not put up in your home.
These objects are those that have been put up with ill intentions by some one, maybe known or unknown to you.
I did not believe in these but the cases that emerge...feng shuii is becoming complicated with my healing energies  always on alert. I also do not spread any panic or fear, except that these nails be removed immediately.
Nails, so important for your home, but also one of the most dangerous in feng shuii to produce shar energy. These are so tiny poison arrows that may affect very badly, health ,wealth and peace of mind of inmates.
Do keep a check on nails in your house walls, office walls, and any space that affects your life. If you have any experiences, issues, with nails, do comment and share your experiences, and I am here to guide.
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui-Simple Cures!
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All the Best from Rizwana!
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