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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Over lapping Horse Shoes on main Door Symbolism 8 Practical Suggestions

Horse shoes, one of the strongest and most auspicious, sure shot,wealth prosperity luck cure, has so many confusions and thus it does not give you the desired results.
Each feng shuii cure, so many, are easily available at every nook and corner and people buy these without knowing the compete details of how to choose, how to buy and how to sue these feng shuii cures for effective results.
Feng shuii is a science and well, people have given their lives studying details and the science behind this. In spite of reading so much over the years , I still have to brush up my knowledge with so many unique and different feng shuii lack / vacuum cases. There are millions of possibilities and so many things that vary with each house and individual.
Coming to Horse shoes!
Pair of horse shoes symbolize double luck, double prosperity.
Like a single horse shoe, worn by a real horse, and one that has led a good life , galloping, is always so much stronger in energy.
There are shops that sell ceramic or metal horse shoe miniature cures, and people do buy these  for symbolic purposes. But, of course, results may vary here.
If you are lucky enough to get two original horse shoes! Bravo!some practical tips to hang the pair of horse shoes with care-
Hanging two horse shoes on main door?
1) Try to find out they are of the same horse. If different, then each horse has its own energy, a male and female , a young and old, energy differences. We just don't want our money coming/prosperity to clash, as of one side it is stronger  pull and other side yin passive.
2) Purify and put intentions.By this I mean you put intentions, just hanging the cure bought from the shop may not show you immediate results and also what you desire from the cure.
3) Over lapping two horse shoes of different horses and hanging them on main door is confusing energy.
4) Better try to hang one on top and one below the main door.
5) U shaped fill attracts prosperity. Opposite U holds the external negative forces and protects the family. I have seen good results from both ways hanging. So each case differs,  depends upon your house feng shuii direction of main door and individual lucky sector.
6) People also hang two horse shoes on two sides of main doors. This is also good.
7) Avoid horse shoes inside the door, especially over lapping two shoes.
8) Yes, and today  people ask about a safety door and a  main door. So by the rules the horse shoe has to be hung outside, it can be a metal safety door. But in case you fear the shoe might get stolen , then you can hang it above the  inside main wooden door.
Like, share , comment about your experiences with using horse shoes. and yes, if you have any doubts, do email, me, I will answer and guide  you to the best of my Feng shuii and Reiki knowledge for free. Always Wishing for your Best!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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