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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Feng Shui for Your New Pre Owned Car Feng Shui Tips for Second Hand Cars

Feng Shui for Your New Pre Owned Car Feng Shui Tips for Second Hand Cars, the buying and selling of cars, an important vehicle today almost every house and every member has a vehicle today.
Every vehicle has the energy of its own as well as that of the owner.
If your new preowned car is behaving erratically, or without reason stops, troubles you just check the feng shui energy of the car and help it out! Mots times evil eye cures are hung on bumpers or dash boards for protection and this , like many share has helped their vehicles in running  smoothly.
When you buy a second hand car-
1) wash it thoroughly. Even under the seat covers, the floor mats and the door inside accumulate energy from past owners.
2) Purify it with burning incense and fragrance inside and out. The engine has to be good and not noisy or giving a jerky bumpy start.
3) Flowers and garlands are great to help refresh the energy of your vehicle.
4) Check all the mirrors and glass surfaces. Window glass, mirrors, all have to be clean, clear and not cracked or broken.
5) Use feng shui elements theory to choose  color of your pre owned car. Your lucky color can add up to your feng shui luck. Feng Shui lucky color is red and it is beneficial to attract wealth luck, and Scientifically also red is an energy color os passion and happiness.
Check Your Pre Owned Car Feng Shui
But other colors too have their own significance and one can choose accordingly.
6) If it is an accident vehicle, do this all the more to purify the energy as this will keep affecting the next owners.
7) Sound is also a great purifier and helps purify the interior space of your new car. Stereo systems and music systems must be in proper condition as this affects the feng shui  of your car.
8) The most important oat part of your  car, the horn, the mouth of your car affects the driver immensely. If the horn is soft, not in working condition  this indicates very strong ill luck and shar energy and affects the driver as well as the members sitting in the car .
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere efforts, for everything else there is feng shui!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Doors in Line Symbolism of Doors in One Line with Feng Shui Back Door main Door in One Line Feng Shui Tips

Doors in Line Feng Shui Symbolism
Doors in one line, doors parallel to each other and many doors in a house all in one line, are some feng shui imbalances that we never notice. Modern homes today have many rooms each interlinked with  doors that are in one line.
Then there are also main door  and back door or two doors to the living room.
Also another room arrangement I have seen are with main door having all rooms on sides and the whole long pathway leading straight to kitchen.
Each one has a different feng shui perspective and affects health wealth and prosperity of your home.
Simply put people say the more doors the more opportunities/incoming wealth,  and love to have large doors and entrances.
Sharing some feng shui thoughts-
1) Main entrances have to be proportionate to the size of home, too large doors means incoming energy is strong and  inmates cannot balance the energy, affects health and peace of mind.
2) too small doors and entrances in line again indicates small energy incoming and that too neutralized, so opportunities are mild and one cannot earn enough even after trying many things to work out.
3) In line doors dilute the chi coming from main door and nourishes only the first room and the last.
4) Energy goes to the end of the room, so also people coming in go straight in. So the other rooms lack energy and happiness. Stagnant chi.
5) Main door in feng shui is mouth, incoming chi, wealth. Back door is where the  negative energy goes out. When in line they indicate an imbalance of feng shui energy. Either the doors have to be shifted or it is advisable to use only one door as main entrance.
6) Some homes people for comfort level use only back doors, this will indicate in the means they earn their income, it may be more of back door prosperity. No I am not indicating it is illegal money but just that it may be wealth coming that is unrecorded. or not known to others. That which you cannot proudly share.
7) The people staying in other rooms will have less creative energy, less health energy and less confidence. They will not be able to mix with other family members and often feel neglected as every time guests and  people come in they sit in first room or straight away go tot the end room. Less nourishing chi as movement of chi in one line in harmful according to traditional feng shui masters the devil goes in straight line. Hence All Chinese constructions and designs encourage curvy directions and roads.
Important feng shui imbalances with one single line many doors , that cannot be broken and reconstructed can be by applying feng shui simple cures, Simply add furniture, plants,  wind chimes, hanging door ornaments or tassles of colored threads that move with wind , this will allow chi from flowing fast to the end of the home and make it stay in between for some time, thus nourishing the other rooms also. Try it, it  works!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Most Important Wealth Cure in Feng Shui Gas Burner and Feng Shui Best place for Gas Burners in Feng Shui

Gas Burners Gas Stoves and Cooking Ranges in Feng Shui
Gas burners, raw flame, the glowing clear flame, bluish red, looks beautiful and has great feng shui. Fire in Feng shui symbolizes wealth. From first feng shui masters have always encouraged cooking food on fire.
Today however we see a lot of  cooking ranges, electric hot plates and ovens that have completely replaced the traditional fire, Gas. Cooking by burning wood was the best energy that made the food good , charged with positivity for health and attracted wealth.
Feng shui is always about balancing the elements and nature , and being as close to nature as possible.
Fire symbolizes  wealth and prosperity, as in Traditional Chinese homes fire burning in kitchen symbolized that food was abundant there and being cooked for the family. This is a symbol of wealth and have been carried on till today.
Gas burners in feng shui have an important role in your wealth coming in. This actually means sources of income also. Hence the many burners in kitchen the many sources of incoming wealth open up.
1) Chocked, blocked, rusted and broken gas burners indicate irregular and difficulty in earning wealth by inmates of the home.
2) Too many Gas burners that are never lighted or used is indication of many options to earn but under utilized opportunities.
3) very small  burners again are not good feng shui as they take a long time to cook even small quantities of food, thus indicating more effort required to earn even little amount of money.
4) It is good to have different sized burners, that help to conserve gas, as small amounts of food can be cooked on small gas burners. This indicates judicious and proper utilization of wealth and opportunities.
5) Always use all the available gas burners every day to keep the energy and wealth coming in. You can rotate or alternatively use one or other burner in case you cook less on this fire, but it is important that every day at least one gas burner is lit/used for some time for cooking.
The Kitchen feng shui lays importance on placing fire and water properly for good health and wealth. While water (wash basin) and fire (gas stoves) are never to be placed side by side or opposite to each other you can put them at an angle so that the energies don't clash. A triangle shape formed is the best feng shui arrangement, with refrigerator, gas stove and wash basin.
Fire element rules here, the South, fame recognition and desire to achieve and work. South , South east all can benefit from fire element. Avoid fire in north sectors and northwest as the corresponding elements here are water and wind, both not good for fire.
Three Gold Coins of good Luck, Feng Shui small Painting Acrylic on paper , Rizwana A. Mundewadi

All this Happiness...Feng Shui Painting on Photo Paper, Rizwana A. Mundewadi
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Festival of Lights Check out Some Practical Feng shui Home Cleaning Tips and My Article in Spiceroute Inflight Magazine November 2015 Issue

 The festival of lights and cleaning the house begins from the curtains to cushions and all artefacts everything is cleaned. Just go with these simple feng shi tips and clean your home this festival attracting prosperity.
1) Purify your home with not just sweeping and mopping , add some fresh liquid fragrances t o have a clean fresh smelling home, and we know how a great fragrant home brings in peace and soothing energy, great feng shui! Each object must be touched and cleaned which will remove accumulated energy and attract fresh energy.
2) This time do check all the clutter, the outer as well as the inner, yes not just your home objects but your mind and emotional baggages need to go!
Feng Shui Bells Hanging invite Great Goodluck
3) Festival of lights and some areas of your life are still not activated , check out dull dark areas in your home, Add some lights and see how your life changes for better!
Light this festival season feng shui fragrant candles
4) Feng Shui cures are magical energy bundles , added them , do place them in proper directions, some amount of checking helps!
Job Career opportunities luck comes by placing shiny crystal globe
5) Clean just about everything and not just furniture and walls!  from the little floor lights to the knobs of door and even the doormat! all objects in some way or other invite feng shui wealth luck in your space.
Check out my article in Spice Jet's  Inflight magazine Spiceroute this months issue, November 2015. For more on Practical workable suggestions for House Cleaning the  Feng Shui Way.
Ba Gua Protection Acrylic on Cardboard Evil Eye Good Luck Feng Shui Cure
Buying some art this festive season, don’t forget to come by my website for some feng shui paintings!
All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Wooden Wrist watches, Modern Contemporary Watches Great Feng Shui Energy Wrist Watches in Wood

Wooden Wrist watches on Etsy
Wooden watches, wow Awesum, feng shui Earth and wood energy together in such a beautiful way, all the way leading to good luck!
Wood is a beautiful element that represents growth and energy in feng shui. As water nourishes wood,it is good to select blue and dark colored watches, of course apart from the lovely earthy browns!
Wrist watches have been trendy and even though we now get to see time in so many different ways ( mobile, tab and all devices!), the wrist watch till rules in our apparel and fashion industry.
Wrist is a throbbing pulse part of the body that continuously gets energy from the element it is connected to. Yes metal is good as time and money are linked in feng shui. Do keep a check on your writs watch, it has to be good fitting , comfortable and always working on time, neither ahead nor slow.
Watches and clocks affect your whole life, your work and your relationships. The individual who is always on time and works according to time schedules has more success and attracts prosperity.
I have always observed that the homes with great wall clocks and individuals wearing watches, that are always clear and working on time look more confident, successful and always in control of their life.
Loved this wooden watch on Etsy,!
Wood element activated by growing plants, greens, but yes, can be incorporated in so many ways to attract good health and wealth and this sure is one of a beautiful way!
All the Best from Rizwana!