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Monday, January 23, 2012

How to use Curtains and Bed Covers as Feng Shui Cures

Curtains as a very important part of any room and as we select a suitable colour for our walls our upholstery comes second in priority list for our home decor. Using feng shui principles while selecting your upholstery and bed covers will not only help to balance your environment and home chi but also welcome good luck and prosperity. Feng shui is a simple science which when followed gives immense rewards and benefits.
Feng shui principles are used for peace, harmony and balance and colours are an important part of our lives. Using feng shui colours to balance the elements in your home you can invite good luck and wealth into you life. The east, west, north and south, each direction has a particular shape corresponding to the element and each element and direction ahs specific colours that improve the feng shui of that element. You can select these colours for your walls and upholstery and other artifacts to improve the chi of your home and office. With using these simple tips on upholstery you can instantly bring good feng shui energy into your home.
Let us first consider the auspicious shapes that balance the elements. According to feng shui principles triangle is the shape for south so you can select triangular patterns in your curtains or a triangular wall clock to make good feng shui for your south wall. For the east and south eats have rectangular or square shapes and this can be incorporated in curtains, furniture or other artifacts and knick knacks. The north and west have circle and wavy pattern so you can select such designs in your curtains and cushions. The five elements of fire, water, wood, metal and wind are represented by various shapes and these when incorporated into your home in any way will help to harmonize the energy and bring in positive energy.
While selecting upholstery do not go over board with feng shui and select any thing which does not go well with your overall home d├ęcor as it will create imbalance and feng shui is all about balance and harmony. You can have red colors upholstery for south area if your living room falls here. For the north use blue and purple and for east green colour is best. Yellow and brown colours are very good for centre of your home or passages as this creates stability and as the element for the centre of your home is earth the colour corresponding to this element is brown and yellow.
For materials used for upholstery and curtains there is another important feng shui rule here. It is advisable to have double lining to your curtains to protect form outside heat and strong winds and also to protect the costly curtains and upholstery in your home. The inside curtains of living room must be of light and flowy material to bring a positive energy and life to your living room. Silk curtains create ambience and also enliven the environment of your living room making it much appealing, inviting and comfortable. The children’s room can have brighter curtains and especially according to their age level and here you can use heavier materials and darker colours for the curtains and upholstery to bear the wear and tear. For bedrooms you can use thicker materials to maintain the privacy of your room which will help to relax and give good restful sleep. In case your bedroom falls in the south area of your home do not go and select red flashy curtains as this will create too much yang energy and it is not good for bedroom. Here you can incorporate red cushion covers or red paintings to bring in good feng shui energy. You can also follow feng shui colours and yin and yang theory which is another major topic which I will come up later on.
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Go with the flow and select only that feng shui colour and shape in pattern and design with which you are comfortable with.
All the Best!  

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  1. Good work…unique site and interesting too… keep it up…looking forward for more updates.

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  2. Thank you Noddy for the lovely comment, welcome to Feng Shui Simple Cures, I love the customized bed covers sets and cushions ranges , thanks for this helpful link for our readers.
    Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. My office entrance faces southward. which is the best suit a red direction to hang horse shoe..

  4. What's the best direction to hang horse shoe for our south facing shop....

  5. What's the best direction to hang horse shoe for our south facing shop....

    1. Rajesh horse shoes are placed at main door for protection and good luck, it also attracts wealth and prosperity. South also is great horse shoe. Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!

  6. Should I take the shoe off the horse first

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