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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best Directions for your New Home in Feng Shui

It is very often thought about that when you go about purchasing a new house how nice it would be if you consider feng shui principles and select a new house. There are few simple points taht you can consider for selecting your new home. See that the flat is not above stilts and not on the top floor where there is a water tank above your flat, if possible, though there are simple feng shui cures for the same if you really get a good offer on such flats.
In the house you first consider the entry way for light, wind and whether there is any water body near your property or flat. An airy home is good and also having sunlight at least for some part of the day is a welcoming sign for good feng shui for a new flat. We consider that our living room must fall in south as south represents light or yang energy. Our home must face south direction and avoid north direction as north is considered dark or yin energy. It is considered good to block the north energy or bad luck from entering and good luck from escaping from your house.
It would be advisable to have your bedrooms facing the sun so that chi enters the environment and makes your home lively and fresh with positive energy. One important rule here is to consider that chi enters from your main door and exits from toilets so try to improve energy coming in from main door and reduce the exit of energy through toilets. This is very important as now we have attached toilets in every room, do make note that too many toilets are not considered good for your home feng shui as money and wealth will go out at a speed more than it comes inside your home.
The main door must fall in the south or east directions for best feng shui. If having a north door or an north west door do try to follow some simple feng shui cures to improve the chi entering your home. When purchasing anew flat also see the outside environment of your housing society and complex. Best locations for having a house according to feng shui principles would be to have a mountain at your back side in east direction for support, or in north direction to block negative energy. Having a house at foot of a mountain is considered  best feng shui and if your house faces a river it is all the more good to have a house in such a  location.
Do consider the square shape of your building and flat as this is best when all directions are clear in your new home. It is considered very good feng shui when you can clearly define the four directions, east west, north and south in each room of your house. Also see that there are no over head beams in rooms especially in children's room, bedroom and kitchen.
It is also important to realize that every individual will have heir best directions and best locations according to feng shui so when purchasing a new flat consider the important directions of the owner or bread earner of the family as the prosperity and wealth coming into the house will depend upon them.
All the Best!  

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