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Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Chinese New Year of Dragon a Symbol for Good luck and Prosperity

With the beginning of the Chinese new year today and this year being the year of the dragon it takes us to another level of feng shui science. This year is considered very auspicious and lucky for good progress and prosperity. The Chinese have animals symbols for each year and for twelve years having different animal symbols. Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and the pig are the twelve animal symbols used by the Chinese for each year.
The dragon symbol is considered the best symbol for good luck and wealth and hence displaying this dragon symbol in any form is considered to bring in good chi and positivity in your home and office. There are many ways you can display the dragon symbol in your home and office. By selecting lanterns, lamp shades, feng shui paintings, wall hangings having symbols, paper cards, calendars, earrings, jewellery, clothes, upholstery and accessories all can have the symbol of the lucky dragon which will bring good luck and prosperity for the individual and their family.
The dragon symbol has very auspicious meanings and as we all know the dragon has fire it is considered a very powerful symbol for fame and recogntion. For completion of hanging projects and business deals it is often advised to bring in earth and heaven luck by placing a fiery dragon on your office table or home in the south area. For artists, painters and people in field of advertising and marketing the dragon symbol can give the extra push required for your career progress. Wearing the dragon symbol in any form can improve your body energy and uplift your mood. People also incorporate the dragon symbol in painted and carved furniture especially the Tibetan carved tables and doors in wood which have the auspicious eight symbols, the Ashtamangala carved for good luck and prosperity.
The correct Placement tips for the dragon symbol- Since the dragon symbol has yang energy that is fire energy any person wearing the symbol in form of bracelet or locket near the heart must first consider their nature and body type. If they are water or wind people this energy spurt will make them restless. Feng shui is not very simple and for best results it is better to take a professional advice. Since there are many aspects for improving your karma which consists of feng shui cures, feng shui numerology, feng shui gemmology and feng shui lucky area location and so on and so forthe and even the best location in your house will affect your results from this science. Please only  follow the feng shui cures that you feel comfortable with and not what is told by others as what is good and worked for one may not work for you and you may need another simple feng shui cure.
Since dragon symbol is very lucky and will improve the chi of any area it is best to place an artifact of wood or metal in your prosperity area that is the south east of your living room. It would be better to avoid this symbol in any form in your bedroom as this is too much yang energy which is not good for bedroom. The main door also is a good place to hang paintings of dragons or have a sculpture of dragon to welcome chi and positivity into your home.

For your children's bedroom this dragon symbol is tricky and needs to get the correct place. You do need active energy in their room but they also need a good nights sleep to perform well academically. So it is advisable to have the dragon symbol in their room on the  south wall if possible in their play and study section only. A divider of energy in any form is better between the bed and their study and play area. It can be a partition in form of wardrobe, wall unit or study table.
For enhancing career luck and wealth luck you can place the lucky dragon symbol in your wallet and purse. You can also get a purse of red colour having the dragon symbol for improving your wealth luck. And last but not least you can have lucky feng shui coins painted with red fiery dragon to get instant improvement in your money luck. It is very good for ambitious people and who like to rise above the rest, this dragon energy will help you to achieve great heights and promotions in your career and life.
All the best and have a productive and wealthy new year ahead!
All the Best!  

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