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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Improve Your Image Using Feng Shui- Attract prosperity

Improve you image, attract prosperity. Image building is one of the latest and hottest field nowadays and everyone is going for a make over to enhance their personality and business. Feng shui can be effectively used for improving your image. With feng shui  your first impressions can help you improve your luck and wealth and in turn improve your image.
In feng shui your face is the most important business card that you have and carry along everywhere. In feng shui pimples are not considered good but few feng shui consultants along the principle that having pimples n your nose or cheeks in someway maybe good sign.
Have a healthy diet  and exercise regularly for this.
Clear the clutter in your wardrobe. It may be that you have been stacking up on old clothes that represent your old self, and this will hamper your progress today.
Your Footwear is another thing which represents your total prosperity level, have neat and comfortable footwear, need not be expensive but very important that your footwear is comfortable, and see how you go places!
Also do pay attention to your hairstyle and go according to your lifestyle and not according to fashion going on.
Clear the clutter and buy some new clothes that will go according to your new improved image that you wish to project from now.
Keep you career and wealth area of your home and office clean and use feng shui cures or feng shui paintings here to see miraculous results in your life and career.
Your acceptance is very important in feng shui. to show progress and your career to get a boost.
Feng shui first begins with you, yourself, and then your surroundings.

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All the Best!  

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