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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feng Shui for New Baby's Room

The most happiest moment in any married couple's life is when they have a new arrival. The new baby is a connection between the couple and a symbol of love. Both parents in their new roles can use feng shui in their baby's room. Feng shui is a science of correct placement of furniture for peace and prosperity.
While using feng shui for the new room you have to consider few basic principles. First think about the age of your baby, so small and delicate so here the energy has to be soothing, calming and peaceful along with a touch of excitement and creativity. Babies feel comfortable in white or pastel coloured rooms. So select the room wall colour according to your liking and what will be comfortable for your baby. There is a tendency to make the new room very attractive and colorful which is not considered very good feng shui as too many distractions in a single room will make your baby irritable and hyper active which will affect their play and sleep patterns. For a baby boy you can select blue and for girls shades of pink would be good. But try to avoid vibrant shades like orange and reds and purples that have too much energy. Avoid electric colours and vibrant shocking shades of blue or pink. You can add colour in your new baby's room by adding toys appropriate to their age. Upholstery and curtains must be light and airy to welcome positive chi in your baby's room.
One of the main mistakes that new parents do is to buy too many new toys that do not fit in for your baby, same for the clothes; you go on a shopping spree and buy what you like without considering the size of the new clothes. In feng shui the most important rule is to avoid clutter. And clutter can be in any form, not necessarily in old things but also in new things which are not suitable and used. These oversized toys, clothes and gifts may be lying for years in your baby's room without use and over time will collect dust and negative energy. So think before you buy clothes and toys and do so according to what your baby needs and not what you want to buy for your baby.
Avoid placing your baby's bed near a toilet or wardrobe. And if this is so please keep the toilet door always closed and hang a mirror to deflect all the negative energy. If your have a wardrobe attached near the bed try to keep it clean and clutter free to harmonize the environment and welcome positive chi surrounding your baby's bed.
Select some happy paintings of baby animals, birds or flowers for your new baby's room. Try to avoid wild animal pictures and wild animal’s soft toys for your baby. Also avoid dark coloured prints in your child's room as this creates more yin energy which is not good for your baby. While choosing fantasy characters do consider your child's age as they do not know about these folk tales and fantasy stories and would only recognize pleasant or attractive colours. Children at this age only respond to sound and colour and texture. So think accordingly while selecting toys, clothes and wall colours or wall paintings for your new baby's room..
Try to avoid hanging toys or moving objects above your new baby's crib. Thought his ahs been going on since ages according to feng shui it is not good to hang any moving object above your child's crib or bed. As this circulating movement of any toy or fan will make the energy restless and too unsettled for your baby it s best to avoid hanging any object over your child’s bed . Also try to place the crib or bed away from the fan and it is best to select a wall as support for your baby's bed.
Now let us consider the direction of your baby's room according to feng shui. If you have a baby girl select a room which falls south, south east or west of your home for better health and happiness of your baby. And if you have a bay boy then a north or east room would be best.
And finally do provide lots of love and care for your baby because that is what they need for them to grow healthy, happy and well adjusted individuals.
All the Best!  

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