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Monday, August 8, 2011

Feng Shui Your Home for Inviting Baby Luck

Since feng shui is a balance between elements one must first understand the positive feng shui cycle of elements for any cure to be effective. Many couples are trying to have baby but even if there is no physiological problem with their constitution they are unable to have a baby of their own. Here feng shui cures can be very effective if used properly and in good faith.
Make a loving and inviting home to enhance your baby luck. Use of colour red in some manner like cushions on the sofa, paintings of red flowers, couples along with babies, family portraits of generations and symbols of two fish are also considered as cures for infertility. Keep your bed in the best position of the man according to feng shui to enhance the fertility aspect. The couple has to be relaxed and the bedroom environment pleasant and romantic for them for them to have a healthy and happy baby. Place a symbol of elephant near the bed of the couple trying to have baby. This symbol has since ages been used to promote fertility and enhance baby luck as well as prosperity and money luck.
One of the most important hurdles for any couple is to be prepared for the new entrant in the family. Most often working couples try many infertility treatments but to no avail as they are not prepared for this change. They do not accept this at first but a good feng shui consultant will first focus upon curing the energy levels of the couple and then confront the fertility issue. Feng shui your home first and then in matter of time the other problems will automatically get solved and give way to positive influences in your life. Infertility cures in feng shui are very effective and tried by many as a supplement to infertility treatments offered by infertility specialists.
‘Make place for the baby’ yes literally I mean. The couples have so very comfortably placed their own thing sin the bedroom and home that there is no indication of space in the bedroom for another positive energy. Place soft toys like teddy bears, dolls, cushions on the bed to allow your mind to accept the new family member. Make space in the wardrobe for the new baby clothes and other items. Keep symbolic things of baby and some couples are also encouraged to buy a cradle for the new arrival. Make the atmosphere romantic and inviting for the new baby. This positive energy will remove the block that is stopping the couple from having a baby.
Hang baby pictures near the bed in the bedroom. One can place elephant symbol with baby near the bed and also hang paintings of happy families or birds along with babies. Keep the main door free of any clutter and inviting for chi to enter easily.
Make way for the new baby steps in your welcoming home.
All the Best!  

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