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Friday, August 5, 2011

Feng Shui Tips for Home for Couple Trying to Have a Baby

Feng shui tips  for couples trying to have baby. Feng shui has placed much importance to fertility cures since ancient times. Many feng shui practitioners advice the overall feng shuing of the house to help cure the infertility issues of the couple. Since it is a science of balance and harmony the while house will have to be cured to promote baby luck.
The first important aspect regarding infertility is to have an relaxed and pleasant home environment. Try to go along the walls of your home in every room one by one and see the environment if it is appealing, relaxing and attractive and comfortable for the couple. select negative energy emitting areas and use cures appropriately according to the area of the house and the element here.
Decorate your house and especially your bedroom with fertility symbols. Colourful bright flowers in vase, paintings of babies, attractive scenery, and also things that the couple likes according to their personal tastes can be displayed in the bedroom. One thing to remember that even if your bedroom falls in the north or west area you are not advised to put water in bedroom. Not even a water feature or even a plant since this is considered bad feng shui for the bedroom.
Avoid any clutter in any form. Your old clothes, bills, shoes or just about anything that has not been used for long. Clear clutter in and under the bed before beginning the fertility treatment.. It is advisable to avoid moving things from under the bed when the couple is focussing on having a baby for some months and taking treatment for the same.
Avoid keeping things that emit negative energy or bad memories of the past. Such things will keep the couple rooted in the past and will not allows positive energy to flow in the bedroom.  Display things as pairs, paintings of two happy birds, two flowers and a pair of vases, two lanterns on either side of bed etc. With this you send the message to the brain that this bedroom is used by two people and this creates a romantic atmosphere and also this in turn enhances the baby luck.
Do not neglect the main door as this is the most important place in feng shui where all the positive energy comes from. The main door has to be clutter free and also the entrance has to be inviting and decorative. Avoid placing shoes or other junk near the main door as this is very bad feng shui not only for couples trying to have a baby but also for the whole family. Hang soft  sounding wind chimes, fresh flowers or plants near the entrance to promote positive chi in the house.
All the Best!  

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