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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birds Paintings As Feng Shui Cures

Birds are an important part of nature. When we see sky, trees, flowers then birds come up as an immediate part of nature. Without these the landscape of God would be incomplete. Feng shui places lot of importance to birds. Let us see how bird paintings can help us and where to hang these bird paintings.
With the North West being area of helpful friends in feng shui the best location to hang such bird artworks would be here. Eagle Paintings in Feng Shui have the most significant role for achievers and ambitious people. Since the eagle is considered an intelligent bird who flaps his wings less and flies for long it relates to the individual who will work smart and not hard and get success in their field.  This being an motivational painting will help the viewer to think clearly and set long term goals. Paintings of other birds like dove and sparrows with family also have lot of significance in feng shui. A dove stands for harmony and peace where as a sparrow with family is considered good for family relationships. These artworks can be hung in then south west corner as this is the area for relationships. Vultures and other violent birds must be avoided as they have negative implications attached to it ,as they feed on dead.
Many people like to hang paintings of birds in the office and this is very good feng shui to choose paintings of eagle and hawk. The owner will get a clear vision and also achieve long term goals which are very essential for success in any business. Bird painting scan also be a welcoming gesture in home or office. Flying birds in groups is considered very auspicious in feng shui as they bring along friends in our life. People who are less social and introverted can hang such bird paintings on the north west wall or near the entrance to improve the chi of the main door and hence encourage more friends in their lives.
All the Best!  

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